Demetrio Alfonso

about the artist

Demetrio Alfonso’s artwork is bold, passionate and provocative. His painting is abstract, combining organic elements and found objects. As a young man, he and his family immigrated to Cuba from his native Canary Islands, Spain. In Cuba, he studied painting for seven years at the acclaimed San Alejandro Art School in Havana. In pursuit of new dreams, Demetrio and his family left Cuba in 1965 to come to the United States. Shortly after his arrival, he continued six more years of study at the School of Visual Arts and the Art Students League in New York City. He established his studio in Manhattan where, for the last 35 years, he has been restoring valuable paintings for prestigious galleries and private clients throughout the country. His vast knowledge and expertise in 18th through 20th century American painting make him one of the top names in the art restoration.

In the last two years, Demetrio’s creativity and passion for his painting reached a turning point, and his inspiration broke free from traditional forms of expression. In May 2006, he was among the artists represented at the International Art Fair in Beijing and Shanghai, China. The Museum of Modern Art and the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai have each acquired one of his works for their personal collections. Demetrio brings art to full expression through this remarkable collection that combines an eclectic blend of vibrant colors with rich textures, evoking the past and the present in a fusion of natural elements and human emotions.


  • 2007—Marbella Art Galleries New York.
  • 2007—Monroe Art Center Hoboken New Jersey.
  • 2007—Art Walk - Noho NY.
  • 2006—Kalo, Jon Gallery, Shanghi, China.
  • 2006—Kalo, Jon Gallery, Beijing, China.
  • 2005—King Fine Art N.Y.C.
  • 2005—QCC. Art Gallary. Cuny University NY.
  • 2005—Museum of Nassau, Long Island NY.
  • 2001—Fort Lee Historical Center.
  • 2001—Hammer Galleries (artist in the studio)
  • 2000—Swains, Morristown, New Jersey (solo)
  • 1997—Swains, Morristown, New Jersey (solo)
  • 1996—Scott & Allan Galleries , Soho New York.
  • 1994—Hammer Galleries, New York, NY (group show)
  • 1986—Hammer Galleries, New York , NY (group show)
  • 1973—Club cubano de Queens, New York , NY (four painters)
  • 1972—Pinturas Cubanas Group New York, Centro Cultural de la Cathedral, “San John the Divine”, New York , NY.
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