Mimi Becker

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“My artwork references my loyalty to painting through formalism, surrealism, and abstraction. My work grows out of the unconscious and is driven by biomorphic and geometric shapes, forms, lines, and color.

“The artwork is highly personal and is representative of people, places, and things, I have encountered and experienced throughout my lifetime. I use acrylic paint, gels, and glitter, as these media grant me the flexible, playful, and creative means of self-expression that I am seeking.

“The purpose of my artwork is to allow myself the freedom of expression of feelings through painting. Through self-examination we, as humans, bravely look inward and my painting presents a look at my internal journey reproduced with sheer guts onto canvas, subjective to the thoughts and feelings of others, making myself intensely vulnerable to ‘others.’ My saving grace is my true passion and joy is in painting, thereby deflecting painful commentary.

“All art stirs an emotional response from the viewer. My intent is that the viewer will find pleasure in my work and that my passion for life, as expressed through color, line, shape, and form, will elevate the viewer to critical self-examination and greater psychological depth, thereby enabling him/her to seek and find seek greater joy in his/her own life and a means of self-expression.”

Mimi Becker, Ph. D.

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