Kit Beecroft

about the artist

“The most a maker of images can hope for is that, for a moment, he or she can divert the viewer from the daily round.

“These works in some cases hope to ‘create a pause’ by a fermentation process, where a metaphoric transformation or interpretation into an enduring image occurs. Whether this process succeeds or fails I leave to the viewer.

“I believe a painting has to be experienced as an intuitive, feeling function, some of which is subliminal and therefore difficult to intellectualise.

“All works are in oil on canvas, some heavily textured; advancement and recession where appropriate are created by thickness of paint as well as tonal values.”

Born East Yorkshire, married to Polly, Kit Beecroft divides his time between Scarborough and London. He’s a self-financing artist who has turned to larger format work in recent years.

The Home Gallery in Scarborough has over 40 of his pieces on display.

He also has installations in: Restaurant Café Fish in Scarborough, and The Ambassador Hotel in Scarborough


  • The Michael Ingbar Gallery, Broadway, New York
  • The Braithwaite Gallery, York
  • The Tore Gallery, Inverness
  • The Merchant Gate Gallery, Glasgow
  • Galerie de Herkenning, Netherlands
  • The Gallery, Manchester United, Old Trafford
  • The Art4all Online Gallery
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