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I paint from memory, not photographs or real life. This allows me to filter out the non-essentials by abstracting reality and bending perceptions.

Limiting the palette allows the viewer to focus on the image rather than be distracted by a myriad of colours; in much the same way a black and white photograph does. Because colours do evoke emotions, I use simple monochromatic schemes to set the mood of the paintings.

Texture is important. It allows me to use the surface of the canvas to create ambiguities as images subtly appear through additional layers. These ambiguities encourage personal, often differing, interpretations. The effect of the black under painting can seem either serene and peaceful or somber and foreboding.

Even though one painting can be interpreted in many ways, those ways all reflect our communal experiences as part of the human condition.

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about the artist

REPATRIATING TO CANADA: Repatriating recently to Canada, Bending continues with a full schedule of international shows in Tokyo, Istanbul, New York City, Beijing, Shanghai and the Cayman Islands. (Please see Exhibitions)

Teaching: As well as teaching at the University College of the Cayman Islands and the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands, she founded art classes at the prisons and developed classes for troubled teens. Influenced by the tropical surroundings and troubled lives of her students, her abstracted works became more representational.

Publicity: A prolific artist, Bending has been interviewed many times over the years on Cayman 27 national television about her numerous exhibitions and projects. One interview that aired on Cayman Airways flights to New York City can be seen on .

A variety of articles were written in the Cayman Islands’ national newspaper and in US arts magazines. In Gallery & Studio magazine Ed McCormack wrote “The paintings of April Bending evoke a private realm of intriguing allusions. They seem fraught with subtle meanings as layered as the sumptuous impasto she employs to bring them into being”.

Awards: In 2008 Bending won the Banner Award for National Heroes Day in Grand Cayman. Eight pieces were chosen for the set of Orlando Bloom’s movie “Haven”. Her Painting “Sunset on an Era” won the Book Cover Award for New Art International.

FIRST SOLO SHOW — TOKYO, JAPAN: In 1990 her abstract landscapes, with their subtle layers of texture, appealed to the Japanese sensibility.

VICTORIA, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA: Bending moved to Victoria, B.C. in 1978. There she served on the Board of Directors for the Vancouver Island Illustrators’ Society and The Community Arts Council of Victoria, chairing the Awards and Grants Committee for the latter. She served on juries for both groups. Her work continued to explore abstract expression.

BACHELOR OF FINE ARTS DEGREE: Born in Vancouver, Canada, Bending earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Alberta, on the Canadian prairies. The curriculum emphasized many traditional, classical art forms with emphasis on realism. When abstraction was encouraged she developed what would be a life long passion for texturing paint.


Solo Exhibitions

  • 2008, New York City, USA, Broadway Gallery
  • 2006, Montreal, Canada, Gallerie Gora
  • 2005, Cayman Islands, Westin Casuarina Resort
  • 1996, Victoria, BC, Canada, Torrefazione Gallery
  • 1994, Calgary, AB, Canada, Les Beaux Arts Gallery
  • 1994, Victoria, BC Canada, Mocambo Gallery
  • 1993, Victoria, BC Canada, Gallery 1450
  • 1990, Tokyo, Japan, FC Club Gallery

Group Exhibitions

  • 2011
  • New York City, USA, Affordable Art Fair
  • Stratford, Canada, Patrick International Fine Art
  • New York City, USA, Monk Dogz Urban Art
  • 2010
  • Singapore, ARTSingapore 2010 with Artêria Inc
  • New York City, USA, Affordable Art Fair New York with Artêria Inc
  • Tokyo, Japan, Art Fair Tokyo with Artêria Inc
  • 2009
  • Florence, Italy, Florence Biennale, by Invitation
  • Istanbul, Turkey, Contemporary Istanbul with Artêria Inc
  • Shanghai, China, The Asia Pacific Contemporary Art Fair with Artêria Inc
  • New York City, USA, Affordable Art Fair New York with Ian Patrick Fine Art
  • New York City, USA, The Armory Show at Bridge New York with Ian Patrick Fine Art
  • 2008
  • Miami, USA, Art Basel at Bridge Miami with Ian Patrick Fine Art
  • Berlin, Germany, Art Forum at Bridge Berlin with Ian Patrick Fine Art
  • London, UK, Frieze Art at Bridge London with Ian Patrick Fine Art
  • Beijing, China, NY Arts Beijing Gallery
  • Bologna, Italy, Galleria De’ Marche - “Little Treasures”
  • Cayman Islands, The Morgan Gallery - “Through Our Eyes”
  • New York City, USA, The Armory Show at Art Now with Ian Patrick Fine Art
  • Milan, Italy, The New ARS ITALICA Galleria d’Arte - “New Renaissance”
  • 2007
  • Ferrara, Italy, Paola Trevisan Arte Contemporanea - “Spirit. The Spirit in Art”
  • Cayman Islands, Million Dollar Run Nautical Art Show - Invitational
  • National Gallery of the Cayman Islands - “Arreckly” - Invitational
  • The Morgan Gallery - The Collections Show
  • The Gallery at the Ritz-Carlton - “Melting Pot”
  • 2006
  • Cayman Islands, The Gallery at the Ritz-Carlton - “Cayman on Canvas”
  • New York City, USA, Monkdogz Urban Art - “Sky Dancer”
  • 2005
  • Cayman Islands, National Gallery of the Cayman Islands - “Watermarks” Invitational
  • Art @ Governors


  • 2008
  • National Hero’s Day, Cayman Islands, Artwork chosen for banner display at the Cayman Islands National Hero’s Day celebration.
  • 2007
  • New Art International Book Cover Award, A Compendium of Recent Works by World Contemporary Artists, Book Art Press - Publishers - New York. Volume XI - 2006-2007. ISBN 0-9773540-2-4.
  • Movie Credits
  • 2006, Orlando Bloom’s Haven, Eight paintings chosen for movie set.
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