artisan direct ~ Cathy Carey

“I am often asked what my style of painting is called. I employ impressionist techniques, expressionist color and a sense of emotion that colors the reality of the moment. My purpose is to capture a sense of magic about reality by describing the color and drama of a story in the same way as a fairy tale. I want my pictures to transcend the reality of description and instead create archetypal symbols of the beauty of an examined moment.

“I call my style Magic Realism.

“My personal philosophy of color is to express emotional meaning through color. I believe this is the purpose of art, to express the story of being alive at a particular time. Art is the physical manifestation of the emotional and spiritual nature of an artist’s response to the world around them, and the world within them.

“Throughout the years I’ve worked in all media and I’ve researched and studied the many ways color is used to express emotion, perspective, and temperature. From my research I teach classes on Color Theory and wrote a workbook for my students called The Philosophy of Color’ published in 2004.”

  • Solo Exhibitions
  • Cathy Carey Gallery Encinitas (2006—present)
  • Miramonte Winery, Temecula (2007—present)
  • Shiva Artistic Collections, Escondido (2006—2007)
  • Rock Island Gallery, Coronado (2005—2006)
  • East West Gallery, La Costa (2003)
  • Escondido Artists Gallery, Escondido, CA (2003)
  • Escondido Municipal Gallery, Escondido, CA (2008)
  • Poway Library, Poway, CA (2003)
  • Mission Trails Regional Park, San Diego, CA (2002)
  • Art Studio Tour (2002—present)
  • Group Exhibitions
  • New York Art Expo 2007
  • San Diego Pastel Society Show 2007 Second Place
  • San Dieguito Mothers Day Studio Tour 2006
  • Imperial Beach Art Walk Fall 2005
  • Museum of the Living Artists—Balboa Park
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