Robert Hon Chan

about the artist

Robert Hon Chan is a contemporary acrylic painter who is greatly inspired by the Surrealistic Movement in most of his paintings, an illusion of emotions and feelings is reflected. He also uses the illusion of forms and colors in his paintings. It is his feelings which appears as illusions and is been viewed by the audience. He uses cool and warm colors to bring the audience into a realm of depths and dimensions.

The themes of his painting include human figures, abstract art, nudes, Surrealism, still life and landscapes. Most of his paintings are three-dimensional ones. Robert Hon Chan usually applies very vibrant colors and shades in his painting. He also does oil painting.

Some of the well known acrylic paintings of Robert Hon Chan are The Eyes of This World, My Woman, Woman In Waiting, Sand and Rock, The Courtyard with a Painting and others. An exhibition was held in the year 1994 at Washington Square East Gallery, New York.

Robert Hon Chan attended The New York University (NYU) for the Masters of Arts (M.A. - Studio Arts). He was born in China and has lived in The U.S. since 1970’s. Currently, his residence is in Fort Lee, New Jersey.


  • June, 1994 — 80 Washington Square East Gallery, New York City.
  • April, 1986 — The Art Association of the City College of New York.
  • July, 1975 — The Cloister Museum, New York City.
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