artisan direct ~ Ping Ping Chen

Chinese-American artist Ping Ping Chen is versatile with a profound talent for music and art. She is versed in watercolors, water-inks, and oil paintings, especially in her unique silk paintings. Her works are the mixture of Orient and Occident, with brilliant colors and full of graceful feeling. Her works have been collected by American National Museum, Taiwan, Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall, Los Angeles Chinese Culture II, Beijing Construction Company, and international collectors. Her silk paintings hang at Art Encounter Gallery year round. Ping Ping Chen has won the champion award in South Gave Annual Show, outstanding artist award in Asian-Pacific Art Exhibition; first place in Paramount International Art Show; and 2007 Extraordinary Artis Golden Award of China. She has been rated one of the ten most influential Chinese Artists in the world. Chen has exhibited in the 2008 Chinese International Art Expo in Shanghai and at the Louvre Museum in France.

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