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Pure and simple: I’m a color addict. Paint is my language... color the words I use to express myself. Chemistry sparks that creative fire within: chemistry between myself and my subject, my tools and the canvas, and ultimately between the painting and the viewer.

I don’t strive to replicate what I see, but to reinvent on canvas the way I experience the people, adventures, and surroundings that make up my daily life...to re-interpret feelings in visual forms that redefine “normal.”

Sometimes that appears in a realistic way. At other times it takes me into the realm of abstract expressionism that can be lush or primal, impulsive or reserved...but never timid or shy.

Not knowing exactly where I will end up — what will pass through mind and heart to hand and onto the canvas — stimulates me, incites my curiosity and sense of intrigue.

I get lost in the process.

My life experiences, past and present, influence my work. Everything I see around me is inspiration for a new painting, be it a passing expression on a stranger’s face, liquid beads of salty tears spilling out from sorrow or joy, the way sun hits tree bark in the middle of a winter’s afternoon, or the shapes and swirls in a bowl of pasta.

Inspiration is everywhere.

For me, there is no perfection, no imperfection, just expression. I want my paintings to compel the audience to get involved, not only to look, but to touch and feel and have an expansive experience of their own. I paint to satisfy the adrenaline rush painting brings me. Yet in doing so, I find my purpose, my center, my home, my way to connect with others.

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about the artist

Waylon Christner was never a child who “colored within the lines.” Born in Florida into an environment that favored conformity and unquestioning religious thought, he rebelled in his late teens against the strictness of his upbringing by wandering the country in search of his true calling. He found that in painting, a way to satisfy the wanderlust part of his personality on canvas, and quiet his inner demons.

His intense interest in self-expression led him in several directions. In Florida, he studied photography and was owner of Creative Eye Photography, specializing in visually penetrating portraits and fine art photography. Waylon later studied in New York, becoming certified in professional decorative finishing using the leading mediums in the industry. It is a technique he integrates into his paintings today.

Primarily a self-taught instinctive artist, Waylon has been influenced by such renowned artists as Robert Raushenburg, Jean Michael Basquait, and Jackson Pollock. He has had art showings in Florida, Massachusetts, and North Carolina, and his works are displayed in commercial venues in North Carolina and owned by private collectors across the country.

Waylon currently makes his home in Western North Carolina with his adored and spunky chocolate lab, Isabelle.


  • Solo exhibit, Image Center, Sarasota, FL. 2003
  • Solo exhibit, Gallery 33, Plymouth, MA. 2004
  • Two-man exhibit, Art to Finish Gallery, Waynesville, NC. 2005
  • Solo exhibit, Wildfire Restaurant, Waynesville, NC. 2005
  • Group exhibit, Gallery 86, Waynesville, NC. 2006
  • Group exhibit, Texture’s Gallery, Waynesville, NC. 2007
  • Solo exhibit, Smokey Mountain Café, Waynesville, NC. 2009
  • Solo exhibit, Sweet Onion Restaurant, Waynesville, NC. 2009
  • Solo exhibit, Indigo Aveda Salon & Spa, Waynesville, NC. 2010-2011
  • Solo exhibit, Tipping Point Tavern, Waynesville, NC. 2010-2011
  • Featured Artist exhibit, Gallery 262, Waynesville, NC. April 2011
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