Steve Cook

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Steve Cook is a design architect with 36 years of experience. He has been drawing from early childhood and initially studied Art in college before focusing on a career in Architecture. His extensive travels have allowed him to continue draw, paint and study art throughout the world.

Steve has been interested in the unique experience of walking next to and within large scale urban buildings. Details are intimate but the overall is not seen. The experience within and next to monuments is very different than a distant more passive point of view.

He has been exploring painting in a classical tradition using color, light and shadow. The influence of impressionism is apparent it his brushstrokes. Like the buildings represented, his paintings have multiple levels of interest when viewed from the distance or up close where contrasting colors are seen mixed together on the canvas.

While living in Washington D.C. Steve has been exploring paintings conceived from a unique perspective. His triptychs of Washington D.C. architectural landmarks are large scale with a close-up viewpoint.

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