Jacqueline K Crofton

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Born in London from Russian and Eastern European heritage, Jacqueline K Crofton is a respected artist who has been painting from a very early age. She attended Harrow School of Art, after being granted a scholarship at 13 years of age, where she had a classical training and where drawing, anatomy and technique were considered essential for an artist’s development.

This background has determined her following practice, concerns and ideas about art until the present. Unlike many, Crofton still believes the strength of art lies in the artists’ ability to explore the realm of the visual based on real knowledge of and experimentation with, art materials and language. This fact situates her work in a unique place as she is a contemporary artist aware of the importance of skill, technique and rigour.

Crofton’s practice has mainly focused on the exploration of and experimentation with painting materials, techniques and colour within the broad area in-between abstraction and figuration. Works such as Perfect Moments Do Exist, Le Maxim’s and Empyrea show how diverse and unpredictable her painterly imagery is. Sometimes playful, sometimes evocative of the beauty around us and on occasion, harrowing.

In addition, Crofton has developed a very special interest in the human body, not only in its possibilities as a formal motif but also in its social and political connotations, especially around the female body in contemporary society. Good examples of her determination in making her work a tool for social denunciation are the Natasha and Homeless series.

Her themes cannot, however, be constrained to the above only; Jaq, her nom de brosse, has also worked on subjects such as the urban environment, places where traumatic events have taken place this century, personal interpretations of Japanese imagery and a broad range of pastels, and drawings. She has illustrated Lyubomir Levchev’s poetry anthology, Stolen Fire, held at UNESCO Library and the front cover of the novel Dancing with Carmen by Gloria Tessler. Crofton was awarded a fellowship of the RSA in 2005.

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  • London, UK
  • 2012, Lover
  • 2012, Man and Dog
  • 2012, Perfect Moments Do Exist
  • 2011, Affordable Art Christmas Special
  • 2011, Pastels, Power and Fragility
  • 2008, An Ideal Place
  • 2007, Delicacies
  • 2007, Searching for a Skyline
  • 2007, Mood and Colour
  • 2006, Rococo
  • 2006, Isolated Memories
  • 2005, Out of the Orient
  • 2005, Aura
  • 2005, Places
  • 2004, Looking on
  • 2004, People Watching
  • 2004, Urban Menu
  • 2003, Street People
  • Solo Exhibitions
  • 2003-2012, Jiq Jaq Contemporary Art
  • 2011, Red Dot, USA
  • 2000, Albemarle Gallery, London
  • 1996, Moreton Street Gallery, London
  • 1996, Galerie Marie-Jane Garoche, Paris, France
  • 1995, Julius Gottlieb Gallery, Oxfordshire
  • 1994, For Honda, Exhibition Centre, Tahiti
  • 1994, Galerie, Marie-Jane Garoche, Paris, France
  • 1993, Galerie, Marie-Jane Garoche, Paris, France
  • 1992, Hann Gallery, Bath
  • 1992, Ben Uri Gallery, London
  • 1992, Howard Gallery, London
  • 1990, Artists Eye Gallery, London
  • Group Exhibitions
  • 2004, Ben Uri Open Exhibition, London
  • 2003, Avantgarde Gallery, London
  • 2002/03, McNeill Gallery, Hertfordshire
  • 2002, Stuckist Exhibition, Gateshead
  • 2002, Stuckist Exhibition, London
  • 2002, Society of Women Artists, Westminster Gallery, London
  • 1997, The Federation of British Artists ‘Pastels Today’
  • 1997, The Mall Gallery, London
  • 1997, Winner of the Frank Herring Award
  • 1993, De Ligny Art Galleries, Fort Lauderdale, USA
  • 1993, Galerie Marie-Jane Garoche, Paris, France
  • 1992, Art 92, London’s Contemporary Fair, Olympia
  • 1991, Art 91, London’s Contemporary Fair, Olympia
  • 1990, Artists Eye Gallery, London
  • 1987, Marbella Gallery, Spain
  • 1986, Contemporary Portrait Society, London
  • 1986, Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, London
  • 1986, Ben Uri Gallery, London
  • 1985, Contemporary Portrait Society, London
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