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Russell Dodds is an airbrush artist specializing in photorealism. His subjects range from science fiction to automotive and biker style art, with the common theme of a photorealistic style of things that do not exist in reality. Russellís desire is to reach the next generation of art collectors by bridging the divide between legacy fine art in museums and galleries verses the new world of digital art appreciated by the digital generation.

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about the artist

Russell was born in 1958 just outside of Detroit, Michigan but moved to Dallas, Texas in 1968. He spent his teenage years heavily influenced by the world of muscle cars and dirt bikes. These experiences, along with his interest in science fiction, would serve as an unintended foundation in his adult years when he discovered an interest in art.

But that would come later. In the meantime, he attended Texas A&M University and College of Medicine. He completed a pathology residency in 1987 and took one year to travel around the world, visiting South America, Asia, and Africa. He began his position as a pathologist in Anderson, SC in 1989. Russell is married with six sons.

Russell’s artistic drive was awakened in the early 2000’s when he discovered the airbrush in a car magazine article that profiled the latest in custom automotive painting. He began experimenting with a variety of graphic patterns on old dirt bike helmets. This led to airbrush classes in automotive art, T shirt designs, and portrait painting, with an emphasis on the photorealistic style. Each painting adds to his experience and improves his skills. But with a full time job and a big family, his production volume is low at a few paintings per year. In addition, these types of paintings take a long time to produce, usually from 30 to 100 hours each.

As he transitioned to canvas, (and as you peruse his gallery), you will note what at first appears to be a wide variety of subjects. This includes biomechanical to surrealistic, to flaming skulls. But a common element or strand connects all of his work: a photorealistic look of something that does not exist in reality. Dr. Dodds has gravitated to the photorealistic style, but why simply “photocopy with paint” a picture of a landscape or portrait? The challenge he has taken on in the fine art world is similar to the challenge facing digital graphic artists in the video gaming and cinematic world; that is, to make science fiction as real as possible.

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