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The soul of Greek-Georgian painter Zeiko Duka cries out to her audience through her magnificent, musical compositions of lyrical color. Like the Fauvist or early Cubists, the artist uses color to communicate meaning. Her masterful manipulation of light and dark and the fluidity of forms seem like a pictorial portrayal of an opus by Stravinsky. She depicts her dreams and imagination in a symphony of blues and browns, purples and pastels that burst out of the canvas with the emotional force of the spring.

With all the drama of an early 20th century opera, Zeiko Duka reduces forms down to their basic core. She depicts semi-figurative human shapes in sensuous, flesh-toned circles of sienna and umber. Her imagery is as mysterious and ephemeral as a dream. She blends dimensional planes in dramatic, sweeping movements, avoiding mundane detail and giving the neo-classical works a surreal quality. As the plot unfolds, the veneer is stripped away and the fundamental, basic truth is revealed to the viewer in a crescendo of free-flowing abstract color.

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about the artist

From portraiture and still-lives to grandly orchestrated compositions, the work of Zeiko Duka always contains a hint of mystery and illusion. Zeiko’s palette combines dramatic pastels and loose brushwork used to model these surrealist-inspired works. From early childhood Zeiko has attempted to express the elusive content of dreams and imagination, allowing symbols and figures to blend together with often little or no division between background and foreground. The imagery, in keeping with the unpredictable nature of dreams, ranges from fearful to quaint, the viewer is as likely to encounter the wrath of a fire-breathing monster as they are to discover a bird landing disarmingly on a portrait-sitter’s shoulder. A native of Tbilisi, Georgia, Zeiko exhibited widely in Russia, Germany, and the Ukraine before settling in Athens, where she is very active in the arts community.

Zeiko Duka was born and raised in Tbilisi, Georgia. She graduated from the faculty of Architecture, of the Academy of Fine Arts Mixa Zichi, Tbilisi, Georgia. After graduation she did 3 years postgraduate studies in Industrial Design at the University of Fine Arts Ivan Surikov, Moscow, Russia.

In 1992, she left her native country Georgia, since living in Athens, Greece, and took part in art and design life. Since 2002, she is member of the “Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece” (EETE). All these years she collaborate with differences companies as architect designer.

At the same time she continued activities in the painting, which has begun from student years. She started her participation in solo and group exhibitions since she was a student. The exhibitions were in several places: Tbilisi, Kutaisi (Georgia), Moscow, St. Petersburg (Russia), Kiev, Odessa (Ukraine), Prague (Czech Republic), Berlin (Germany), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Athens (Greece), Zurich (Switzerland), Paris (France), Oslo (Norway), New York, (USA).

Her works are in different private collections in different countries: USA, United Kingdom, Greece, Georgia, Russia, Brazil, Canada, and Mexico.


  • Solo exhibitions:
  • 2012’A, Athens, Greece - Art Show (Studio Duka)
  • 2009’B, Athens, Greece - Art Show (Studio Duka)
  • 1989, St. Petersburg, Russia (Centre of Art, Ministry of Culture)
  • 1988, Kutaisi, Georgia (National Art Gallery)
  • 1986, Moscow, Russia (Cultural Centre, Ministry of Culture)
  • 1986, 1991, Tbilisi, Georgia (National Art Gallery)
  • Group exhibitions:
  • 2011, Athens, Greece (Cultural Center, Municipality of Pirea)
  • 2010, Athens, Greece (ARTogether Festival @ Monastiraki)
  • 2008’B, Athens, Greece (Rendez Vous Des Arts)
  • 2008’B, Manhattan, Chelsea, NY (Gallery Icosahedron)
  • 2008’A, Manhattan, Chelsea, NY (Gallery Icosahedron)
  • 2007, Athens, Greece (Cultural Canter, Municipality of Kifisia)
  • 2006, Manhattan, Soho, NY (Agora Gallery)
  • 2004, Athens, Greece (Festival of Art -Via Flows)
  • 2003, 2001, 1994, 1997, Athens, Greece (Space of art - Anti Gallery. Cultural Centre, Municipality of Alimu. Tourist Kiosk, Municipality of New Smirny. The Epistrofi Gallery)
  • 1991, Odessa, Ukraine (Centre of Arts)
  • 1990, Kiev, Ukraine (ART East Gallery)
  • 1988, St. Petersburg, Russia (Centre of Contemporary Art)
  • 1987, Prague, Czech Republic (Radost Gallery)
  • 1987, 1986, Moscow, Russia (House of Architects)
  • 1985, Berlin, Germany (Kai Hilgelman Gallery)
  • 1985, Tbilisi, Georgia (National Art Gallery)


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Click on any of the thumbs to see a larger image, then click to the left or right to step through images, or click outside the image to close.

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