Christine Ferrari

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As a native of New York City, I spent my childhood with a pencil in hand drawing people, animals and Disney characters. Inspired by the city’s wonderful museums, I began using oils to copy the paintings of great impressionists. Interior design was another of my passions. All of this was good practice for my discovery, several years later, of the wonderful world of watercolor.

Working in various professional and legal positions, I spent most of my spare time delving into the arts by accepting commissions and winning work-related art contests. For the last 20 years I’ve painted in watercolor exclusively. Self-taught, I soon realized the intricacies of this technique as well as the importance of composition and perspective.

I also found the luminosity of transparent watercolor fascinating. I saw that the immeasurable splendor of life—a vibrant city street, a country panorama, or a quiet beach—is ideally suited to this medium. Motivated by travel and my own imagination, I endeavor to have the viewer see such beauty by using a technique that contrasts texture and detail with soft delicate hues, thereby producing expressive, exciting paintings of subtle power.

Catalogues: Cover, CJ Hass & Co., Winter 1997/98
Gallery: Jewel Speigel Galleries, Englewood, NJ, 1998
Shows: 1st Prize Bayside Historical Society, 2008

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