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“The weight and magnitude of some of the materials that I use to create my work can be challenging in itself, but bringing them out to the public has been rough. Each of my pieces are created with love, blood, sweat and tears. All of my creations are originals and are created in different ways to accomplish my mission. Sometimes my work is freehand where other times my work is planned prior to being executed.

“My creations happen in different stages. Inspiration or ideas move to carving and cutting. I take molds, make wax molds; which get invested, melted out, cast, and finally chased till I have perfected my vision. My materials are usually derived based on application. For exteriors I really love cast stainless and granite and intend on making many future works, as both materials have been able to stand the test of time. Hope you enjoy, Tino.”

Tino is now the owner of “Cut and Chiseled” ().

Tino is the Henry Moore for the 21st Century. He uses eternal materials and produces art that is flawless. In our lifetime we may not see a finer or more proficient sculptor. Simply put, buy whatever he creates.
— Sim Barhoum, Professor, San Diego State University and Independent Appraiser

Thanks for all your artistic endeavors. We certainly are enjoying your sculpture and received numerous compliments. We hope this is a breakthrough year for you. Wishing you great success.
—Phil Freeman, Engineer

Tino comes highly recommended. He is very professional and his work is outstanding with excellent craftsmanship. Very honest
—Sabrina Oviedo, Vice President, Fountains Unique

Georgia O’Keefe meets Henry Moore
— Sissi Hale, Art Director

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about the artist

Robert (Tino) Ferro was born in Ensenada, Mexico and was raised primarily in Southern California in the Temecula Wine Country. He started oil painting at the age of six years old and was exposed to the art world by his mother, who has always been a patron of the arts. He was inspired by the many treasures and family heirlooms that he saw in his family’s homes and came to appreciate sculptures and fine art. Through his travels to Europe and within the US as a child and young adult, he was able to visit museums where he marveled at some very inspiring works, namely those of Henry Moore.

Though he attended San Diego State University and received a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Design which included both Interior and Exterior Perspectives in Architecture and Landscape Design, he felt his truest passion laid in fine arts, and went on to pursue sculpting. His first work was created in 1996 when he was still a student at San Diego State University. Shortly after that, he was commissioned to help design the rough cuts for a large scale project in downtown San Diego at Petco park, and worked closely with well known Croatian sculptor, Ante Marinovic. It was through this project that Tino was able to receive a large piece of white marble with which he created one of his masterpieces, Passion of the Fruit.

Some of his other inspirations stem from his study of architecture, interior and exterior design, and working with finished stone, wood, metals and leather. His knowledge of materials and what works best for interior or exterior applications has been instrumental to him in creating his works. His love for eternal materials that will leave his name in stone, so to speak, has been a great motivator for him. For an artist to leave his work behind and to be the source of conversation and to provide beauty for someone to admire is truly an accomplishment in his eyes. Tino is now the owner of “Cut and Chiseled” () and is represented by The Laguna Arts Group in Laguna Beach, CA. His works can be seen in galleries such as Gallery 104 in San Clemente, and Townley Gallery in Laguna Beach, CA. He has also been affiliated with the local galleries in the Temecula Wine Country.

  • Over 15 years of experience working with precious metal, stone and wood
  • San Diego State Bachelor of Arts Degree in Fine Arts with an emphasis in Environmental Design and Sculpture
  • His work has been featured in San Diego and National media, including The San Diego Union Tribune and the Associated Press
  • Tino’s outstanding work is highlighted in Downtown San Diego at the Petco Park 12th Street Trolley Station, where he painstakingly made the rough cuts for the commissioned sculpture for Ante Marinovic. The piece has become a celebrated photo opportunity for locals and tourists alike
  • Tino has artwork showcased in private galleries worldwide, including the United States, Mexico and Croatia
  • Specializes in welding, casting, forging and carving
  • Created over 50 intricate pieces varying in materials such as iron, hardwood, stone and bronze
  • He is bilingual in English and Spanish, and runs two businesses in Temecula: “Cut and Chiseled”, his sculpting business, and “Dire Needz”, where he designs unique, one-of-a-kind leather gifts, belt buckles, and extreme sports apparel.

Artisan Direct, Limited. 82 Callingham Road, Pittsford, NY 14534. Telephone 585-586-3535, Fax 585-586-8555, e-mail: info at artisan direct L T D dot net