Javier Finelli

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I was born in Buenos Aires on August 5th in the 1960’s. Since childhood, my parents instilled in me a sense of duty but also fostered with games and rides creativity and love for beauty and harmony. In our homes we always had collection of art, in Paris where we lived for five years, and then in Buenos Aires City. I began to appreciate artistic taste in my paternal grandfather Rafael’s art gallery.

In 1988, I completed a degree in mechanical engineering from Universidad de Buenos Aires. I designed many industrial robots, founding Fabrimatica, where I projected and directed the construction of robotic packing end lines in major consumer firms.

You can say that I suffer and enjoy my company.

One day, about five years ago, I returned to an old dream and went to learn to paint with master Jose Luis Gomez Catoira, then with masters Sergio Bazan and Juan Doffo.

To myself, plastic arts are a passion. I really enjoy creating art with strength and harmony, using vivid colors, while trying to express the inner or outer movement of reality and imagination.

Harmonic movement is the key to my work.

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  • Solo show at the Cultural Center of the Embassy of Argentina in Asuncion City, Paraguay, September 2011
  • Borges Cultural Center of Buenos Aires City, March 28th to April 22, 2012, Argentina.
  • 10—17 November 2012, Itau Harlequin Foundation, Asuncion City, Paraguay
  • 20—27 November 2012, the Bicentennial House of the Ministry of Culture of Paraguay, Asuncion City
  • May 2013 House of Culture of the Municipality of San Cayetano at the south of Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • July 2013 Norcenter, Buenos Aires
  • December 2013, Necochea’s Cultural Center, Necochea city, Argentina
  • April 2014, Artexpo New York, booth at Solo Pavillion
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