artisan direct ~ Kathleen Fowler

While I prefer to work in acrylics and pen & ink, I have also worked in charcoal, pastel and watercolor, and spent a number of years doing beadwork, recreating Native American designs. Influenced by the impressionists, van Gogh, Renoir and Cassatt, it has been my fascination with da Vinci—the man as well as the artist—who has been a constant source of inspiration to me. I am passionate about my art, and am happiest when I am in my studio lost in my work. Originally from Massachusetts, I have lived in the North Georgia Mountains with my husband and two daughters since the ‘80s. In addition to exhibiting at various galleries I do a substantial commission business rendering pen and ink drawings of homes for sale for the real estate industry.

For me, color is the basis of my artwork. Even nightime is alive with color— it is a breathing entity that surrounds us always. When I am painting my night scenes I can hear the crickets, the rustling of the deer in the woods and the trees singing in the cool breeze of evening. This song of nature is what I try to convey in my work. It is also what is inside of me.

I work in my studio with an eclectic blend of music playing in the background. It helps to ground me to the creative process. The studies I am concentrating on now are a variation on my moonlit landscapes. I want to show how color is always there both at the brightest part of the day and at the deepest hour of nightfall. I believe there is an equal amount of joy any time and color is just waiting to burst through.

I hope that when someone looks at these works that whatever else they take away with them they also take the feeling that the exuberance of life is always waiting for us if we just open eyes and see.

“At the end of your life, the only thing your soul wants to know is not whether you were good, or successful, but whether the life you led was your life, were the choices you made your choices...were they your failures.”
—David Whyte

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