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American painter Larry Frank has previously trained as a photographer, giving him a sharp sensitivity to light that shines in his impressionist oil compositions. His portraits, figure paintings and landscapes, though rooted in realism and a keen awareness of art history, possess nearly surreal brilliance.

Sharp details of facial features and dark tones in wooded vistas emerge from a bold palette of pale greens, yellows and blues. The powerful light that Frank conveys in his thick, gestural brushstrokes pushes his painting towards abstraction in pieces that often evoke Cezanne.

The sun-filled aesthetic that characterizes most of his canvases conveys not only a sense of warmth, but also a mood of optimism, even jubilation. Thick daubs of darker blues, reds, purples and blacks, set amidst white-hot hues, attain a kind of weightlessness, a powerful and captivating sense of being charged and unpredictable. By shining such strong light onto his subjects, Frank very nearly sets them ablaze and lends them an incredible new energy.

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about the artist

As a Black and White Art Photographer, I primarily photographed people on the street, interiors and sometimes formal settings. I began to feel drawn to color, so I turned to Oil Painting and focused on the representational and interpretive portrayal of my Subjects. Painting in vibrant colors allows me to communicate the subtle interplay of light, reality, impression and expression.

Space, for me, is redefined by the mingling of bright colors and gray-toned color, dappled strokes of light uniting to create a singular reality. With my foothold in representational imagery and an understanding of the underlying geometry of composition, I explore the spatial architecture of the visual. My painting exists at the juncture between modernism and history.

shows, competitions, commissions

  • American Art Fair, Javits Center, NYC
  • House Gallery, London
  • Tsvetaev Museum, Moscow - painting part of the permanent collection
  • A Collaborate Evening of Art and Dining with Larry Frank and Patricia Clark, Nomad Restaurant, NYC
  • Agora Gallery, Chelsea, NYC
  • The Art of Fashion, NYC
  • Fairway Studios, NYC
  • Berkeley College Art Gallery, NYC
  • Competitions and Shows: New York, Florida, Georgia, California, Alabama, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Washington DC
  • West Side Arts Coalition, NYC
  • -Office of the Manhattan Borough President, NYC
  • -Broadway Mall, NYC
  • -East Village Public Library, NYC
  • -St Francis College, Brooklyn NY
  • Wall Murals and On Canvas Paintings for Designer Show Houses with Richard Schlesinger, Long Island, NY
  • Portrait, Landscape and Still Life Commissions
  • Children’s Nursery Wall Painting Murals
  • Several Competitions- Awards for Black and White Photography and Photography Annuals, Fine Art Magazines
  • Oxheart and Gowanus Circus Shows, NYC & Brooklyn
  • Washington Chavez at K&M, Williamsburg Brooklyn
  • Silverpoint Gallery, Huntington, NY
  • Spectrum, Miami, 12/13
  • Contemporary Art Fair, Javits Center, NYC
  • New York Realism Show, NYC
  • Paintings, Photography and Original One of a Kind Needlepoint in more than 29 private Collections, United States, Finland, and Russia


  • The Cooper Union, NYC
  • University of Illinois Masters Graphic Arts Program
  • The Art Students League, NYC
  • Spring Street Studio, NYC
  • Educational Alliance Oil Painting, NYC
  • Broome Street Painting Atelier, NYC
  • Alpha Workshop, Faux Arts, NYC
  • International Center of Photography, NYC
  • University of Montana Summer Photography Program
  • Cape Cod School of Photography
  • Adult Oil Painting, The Educational Alliance, NYC, 2013
  • Cherry Cake Studios, Penang, Malaysia, Spring 2013
  • Planning a second Art Residence in Thailand, Spring 2014
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