artisan direct ~ Mauricio Bouzas Gasque

In 2003, Mauricio met his other half and future wife, Robyn. He learned that true love was not an impossible dream. After starting a new life with Robyn in New York, Mauricio found that new doors were opening for him each and every day. Learning about and knowing his wife also meant knowing himself. This new knowledge and understanding of life, love, and himself, inspired Mauricio to begin painting.

Mauricio’s Surrealist paintings are made using acrylic paint on canvas, and show a clear understanding of the design principles he learned as an Architecture student at Mexico’s University of Monterrey. His paintings depict a sincere comprehension of these principles in combination with raw talent and intuition.

Although his careful strokes and evocative use of space suggest otherwise, Mauricio has yet to take an art class. His surreal shapes and inventive concepts convey a distinctive perspective that has attracted attention from art collectors worldwide. Mauricio is a rare talent, but it is his unique point of view that makes him exceptional.

Mauricio’s work depicts his conceptualization of the world. His approach adds complexity when needed, as can be seen in his insightful decomposition of the ostensibly simple mother-child interaction, “Mom and Dad;” additionally, Mauricio showcases his ability to navigate through complex material in his highly praised series, “The Seven Deadly Sins.”

Painting serves as a way for Mauricio to express himself in which he can be uninhibited. He hopes that his paintings will encourage people to submerge themselves in emotion, temporarily neglecting the desire to rationalize every aspect of life.

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