artisan direct ~ John Hetzel

I drew often from a young age, and determined to become a painter after visiting the Uffizi on a graduation trip to Europe, figuring that if one of my paintings could inspire the feelings I felt observing Botticelli’s “Primavera” in one person, then I would have lived a successful life. I began painting from my own photographs upon return to New York. I left the city in 1989 to work with thoroughbreds in Kentucky to become familiar with horses as a subject.

By 1992, I left the horse business and the states to pursue my dream, traveling to Prague where post-Communist euphoria and reconstruction provided a dynamic energy. The beauty of the ancient city and its free culture provide an impetus in my painting that is still vibrant today.

Prague and the Czech Republic provided both natural beauty, and a fertile training ground, where a variety of artists from all around the world congregated and shared ideas. After ten years of selling on the streets and internet, I staged my debut show at the Prague design studio and gallery de.fakto, and followed that show with a 75 painting retrospective at Radotín’s cultural center U Koruny.

In May 2004, I returned to the US of A and have been painting and exhibiting mainly in my hometown of Charlottesville, Va. My inspiration has been recently supercharged with the addition of my splendid wife Natalie and our baby daughter Remy!

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