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I am passionate about the human form, color, texture and the insatiable mystery of life and its lessons. Using a combination of oil and collage, my intention is to create sensual, magical and inspiring journeys into the stories of human life. My own transformation and spiritual journey as a woman and an artist is what I believe is reflected and expressed in my work. Tapping into the energies of Spirit... my hope is that my paintings ‘sparkle’ with inspiration — moving, touching and healing those who take the time to listen to their wisdom.

After using materials like paper, fabric, feathers, gemstones and silk flowers in combination with my oil painting, my new and most recent paintings are less about the texture and more about the subject matter, so I have found that I am using less and less collage as I progress. I am eternally grateful for the opportunity and ability to finally express what is in my Soul and to be able to offer these expressions in the hope that they will resonate and connect with the viewers’ own personal experience.

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about the artist

“I was born in Manchester, UK in 1968. Drawing and painting were always second nature to me, and where I felt most at home. Essentially I am self taught. I went to Nottingham to study for a BA Fine Arts, but left soon after they closed down the Life Studio. Painting from life was discouraged and that left me feeling frustrated and disappointed with art school. After pursuing several “real” jobs in advertising and media agencies, the desire to create and paint became too big to ignore, and had me quickly returning to painting - first as a Decorative Artist in London and then onto Sydney, Australia as a Muralist.

“I moved to the US in 1999, where I have been a Muralist and Decorative Artist for over the last ten years. However, the pull to focus on my own passions resulted in me turning my attention to create paintings that speak about what is in my own heart. Since a child I have been drawn to the magical energies of the metaphysical world. Goddess, The Angels and the Faerie world and all that lies beyond the veil is what I am naturally drawn to express. Looking back at my childhood and the journey I have been on since then, I see how this destined path has been laid so beautifully for me in order to focus on that special Divine magic and express it somehow within my work.

“I live in Westchester with my two beautiful children.”

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