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“... John Updike once said, ‘What art offers is space — a certain breathing room for the spirit.’ Helen Kagan, a Russian-born American artist and holistic therapist, extends this somewhat conventional definition to endless alternatives to what is supposed to be real. She channels their cosmic vibes and energies to heal and transform, for in most of Indo-European languages healing amounts to becoming whole and complete again... Helen Kagan paints to heal and heals to paint. The two morph into each other, forming one of a kind wholeness expressed in the artwork of exceptional spiritual beauty and clarity... Helen weaves a visual discourse of self-discovery through her galvanizing energy of colors and unique artistic style. The sensual and spiritual, the feminine and masculine, the eternal and fleeting, are intertwined as the endless tonalities of all-embracing music of light. Helen likes to reflect both New York’s passionate cityscapes, the city she used to live, and the sunsets like blazing parchments gleaming on the waters of South Florida — the place she resides now.

“Her painting, In Search of Meaning — a recent cover-page winner in the Art & Beyond magazine — depicts the cityscape with a large group of dark figures moving towards the Light. But as the deeper layers of the meaning unfold, the viewer may start seeing the painting differently for its name applies not only the characters inside the canvas but to those who observe it as well, thus inviting us to join the quest for oneness. Helen’s art mystifies, enlightens and heals by encouraging us to leave behind any finality in our perception of life...”

Excerpts from an article by Maya Ellenson, PhD, Nov. 2013

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about the artist

Helen Kagan, PhD, a refugee from Russia, is a holistic therapist and artist. Her “Healing Arts” blends her own life experience into a visual form emphasizing the healing power of art.

Helen grew up in what was then the USSR, a communist State where oppression and control were a daily reality. In 1991 a quest for freedom led her to the US where she brought a Jewish heritage, a PhD in Science, Master’s in Psychology, and an unending thirst to explore life’s meaning. Having lived and worked in VT, WI, MN, NJ, NY, FL, and equipped with another Master’s in Social work, Helen’s spent much of her time as a social worker developing and leading programs and providing holistic services to those in need. As a therapist and an artist she believes tragedy, pain and trauma can be healed with positive energy, love, and self-expression.

Helen works mainly with oil, lately is experimenting with acrylic and mixed media. Her canvases are influenced by impressionism and mainly, expressionism. They are varied, vibrant, some are raw, some refined, all are intuitive.

Coming from a family of scientists, Helen was always fascinated by the left and right brain relationship. She’s been developing her unique technique and style in “Healing Arts” expressing the past, present and future with pure boldness and emotion, always looking for ways to communicate on levels often not yet understood.

Primarily self-taught, Helen’s been painting for as long as she remembers herself, since 2005 does it professionally. Her intention is to create a solid body of Healing Art to serve people and communities in need. She envisions her art to be placed in Hospitals, Medical Centers, Rehabilitation, Multicultural, Crisis Centers - to enhance healing and well-being. Helen believes in interconnectedness of physical, mental and spiritual. She believes her artwork can enhance healing process to those in need. Her vibrant art is a statement of her beliefs.


  • “CONTINUUM” @ Art Palm Beach 2014, West Palm Beach FL
  • “Art & Beyond”, MIAMI SPECIAL Issue for Art Basel week, Front cover, Miami FL
  • Juried Exhibitions “Spotlight on a New Talent”,”Contempo”, Lighthouse Art Museum, Tequesta FL
  • 2013 RAW Artists Exhibitions “Encompass” and “Finalists/Director’s favorites”, Miami FL
  • “Outstanding artist of the month”, Solo Show @ A4AC, Stuart FL
  • “Story of the Creative”,”Art Takes Paris” - Intern. competitions (featured artist for Digital Shows)
  • “Small is Big” Juried Show Gallery14, Vero Beach FL
  • International Show “EXPO Columbia 2012”, Miami Convention Center, Miami FL
  • “Art Takes Miami”,”Art Takes Times Square”, NYC Juried International online competitions 2011-13
  • International Exhibition ‘Global Expression’, 2012, Colombian General Consulate, NYC
  • ‘Contempo’ Juried Show and competition, Lighthouse Art Center, Tequesta FL
  • SFL Radiation Oncology Special Solo Showcase @ ‘Blue Door’ Gallery, Stuart FL
  • Featured Artist for ‘Constellation 9/11’ Special Show 2011, Osceola 32 Gallery, Stuart FL
  • 3 Juried exhibitions @ “Gallery 101’ , Ft. Lauderdale FL
  • Several Juried Exhibitions @ Art Council of Martin County, Stuart FL
  • Featured Artist for several group Shows 2011-12 @Steinhausen Gallery, Stuart FL
  • Project DREAMS - Live Art “Convergence” performed on a stage, Art Council of Martin County FL
  • Several group and solo Shows @’Osceola32’ Gallery, Stuart FL
  • Solo 3-months display “Art in Public Spaces” @ City Hall of Hollywood, FL

artist statement

I believe that art heals. My ‘Healing Arts’ - is my unique way to integrate Expressive Art and the Art of Healing.

I believe that art as a powerful form of self-expression becomes a vehicle for emotional, physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

Communicating on subliminal levels, my work delivers this message through positively charged intention, healing frequencies of color and energetically balanced composition. My canvases are varied, vibrant, some are raw, some refined, all are intuitive - bridges to the past, cities in the rain, street lights, domes, music, oceans, fields of sunflowers, moons, clouds, sunsets... However, the following themes are always present in my art - being on the Journey, moving towards the Light, awareness of ‘Here and Now’, and of course - ‘J’oie de vivre’!

I believe that tragedy, pain and trauma can be healed with beauty, positive energy, and self-expression. This is what I communicate through my art while reflecting my own colorful and deep perception of life, a desire to bridge the Realities and heal the Past.

I believe in mind-body-spirit connection. I believe art can enhance healing and promote well-being in a viewer. My passionate art is a statement of my beliefs. For more info see: ,


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gallery representation

  • Artisan Direct
  • Saatchi Gallery
  • ArtBlend Gallery, Ft. Lauderdale FL
  • OSGS Gallery, West Palm Beach FL
  • RAW artists 2013, Miami FL
  • A Year in Review 2013
  • “Art and Beyond” Gallery
  • Art takes Miami 2013
  • Story of the Creative 2013 https://2hearts.see.me/
  • Art Takes Paris 2013
  • Osceola 32 Gallery, Stuart FL 2009—2013
  • Steinhausen Gallery, Stuart FL 2010—2012
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