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Tülin Kiper was born in Istanbul and studied at the American Academy for Girls. Her relationship with fine arts started in childhood with piano, and continued with ballet. The paintings she produced while in high school were noticed and supported by her teachers. She later received an academic education from Hasan Kavruk (painter) and Servet Büyükbağcı (painter, scultor and curator). Meanwhile, she visited numerous art galleries and museums in the United States and Europe and refined her knowledge of fine arts.

Kiper is an expressionist artist. She believes that there is an interconnected harmony between sounds and colours and perceives the colours of music and uses sounds in her paintings. Thus, the fantasies in her inner world are transferred to the canvas. Her paintings have been purchased by many art collectors and establishments both in Turkey and abroad.

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about the artist

“Art is an integrated system consisting of different components. The ultimate goal is trying to reach aesthetic renovation and perfection in arts. In the universe, sounds and energy have colours. Therefore, music consists of colours and arpeggios, scales and chromatic scales are in fact forms. My paintings emerge when I transform symphonies, preludes and concertos, forms of music, into shapes and figures using my palette. Their themes include freedom, fertility, and women just like universe. I produce my paintings by shaping abstract figures, using spots in an expressionist manner, based on the principle that art is equal to search. I am totally free and not affiliated with any movement. I feel the emotions of musicians, composers and painters, who send messages to the whole universe by means of music and colours. I continue to create imagination. It is coming from my heart...............................................”


  • 1980 — Istanbul Nisantası Akbank Art Gallery Special Exhibition
  • 1981 — Izmir, Diyarbakır, Elazıg Akbank Art Gallery Special Exhibition
  • 1983 — Ordu, Trabzon, Eskisehir Akbank Art Gallery Special Exhibition
  • 1983 — Izmir Rotary District Conference Special Exhibition
  • 1984 — Ankara Kızılay Akbank Art Gallery Special Exhibition
  • 1984 — Nisantası Gallery Lebriz Special Exhibition
  • 1984 — Hat Gallery Mixed Exhibition
  • 1984 — Nisantası Akbank Art Gallery Women Year Mixed Exhibition
  • 1985 — Italian Cultural Association Special Exhibition
  • 1985 — Nisantası Neriman Erkut Art Gallery Mixed Exhibition
  • 1986 — Pabetland Art Gallery Special Exhibition
  • 1987 — Besiktas Sandoz Art Gallery Mixed Exhibition
  • 1987 — Gallery Dizayn Special Exhibition
  • 1987 — Istanbul Cultur & Art Foundation Lionesses Mixed Exhibition
  • 1989 — Hobi Art Gallery Special Exhibition
  • 1990 — Kocamemi Art Gallery (Skutari) Mixed Exhibition
  • 1990 — Halı Art Gallery Special Exhibition
  • 1991 — Macka Mine Faculty Special Exhibition
  • 1991 — Toprak Art Gallery Mixed Exhibition
  • 1991 — Yesilyurt Sera Art Gallery Mixed Exhibition
  • 1993 — Besiktas Sandoz Art Gallery Special Exhibition
  • 1995 — Beşsktas Sandoz Art Gallery Mixed Exhibition
  • 1996 — La Palette Gallery Café Mixed Exhibition
  • 1996 — Istanbul Harbiye Military Museum Mixed Exhibition
  • 1996 — Ariyel Art Gallery Mixed Exhibition
  • 1997 — Karsu Art Gallery Special Exhibition
  • 1998 — Istanbul Ortaköy Art Gallery Lions Mixed Exhibition
  • 1998 — Ankara Çankaya Akbank Art Gallery Special Exhibition
  • 1999 — AKM Art Gallery The Atatürk Portraits Mixed Exhibition
  • 2000 — Istanbul Destek Reassurance Art Gallery Mixed Exhibition
  • 2001 — Dega Art Gallery Special Exhibition
  • 2001 — Netherland “Galerie Sous Terre” Special Exhibition
  • 2002 — The Marmara Hotel Gallery Turkish Heart Foundation Special Exhibition
  • 2003 — 2420 District Rotarian Wives Mixed Exhibition
  • 2004 — Kile Art Gallery Special Exhibition
  • 2005 — Acustic Art Gallery Tema Foundation Mixed Exhibition
  • 2006 — Çekirdek Art Gallery - Naval Museum Special Exhibition
  • 2006 — The Marmara Hotel - Turkish Heart Foundation Special Exhibition
  • 2007 — Derinlikler Art Gallery Special Exhibition
  • 2007 — Derinlikler Art Gallery Atatürk Portraits Mixed Exhibition
  • 2007 — Abra Art Gallery Special Exhibition
  • 2008 — The Marmara Hotel Turkish Heart Foundation Special Exhibition
  • 2008 — Austria Galerie Karismus Special Exhibition
  • 2011 — Participation of the “Contemporary Masters Volume IV” by WorldWide Art Books
  • 2011 — Participation of the Contemporary Masters Volume IV exhibition in Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Arts by WorldWide Art Books
  • 2012 — Participation of the Contemporary Masters Volume V
  • 2012 — April 9th Special Exhibition for the Turkish Heart Foundation
  • 2012 — July 18th Mixed Exhibition in MOYA Palace of Schönbrünn in Vienna

* — In 1999, Mrs. Kiper won a special prize for her Ataturk Portrait.

comments on works

The motion of the sand affects me as it is changing without stopping as never seems as before. It seems erotic to me from time to time as I remember the body of women in different shapes. Every figure has a meaning. Nature creates the figures by sand storm. It dances with wind. These happenings remind me Johann Sebastian Bach Fugues and Tocattos as if the little particles of sand spread to and through all over the golden yellow desert and makes its own form in nature. It is full of abstract figures.

Anatolia ... The motherland of many civilizations for centuries. All these civilizations have their own living characteristics with their culture, habit and music. Anatolia gives so many inspirations to so many artists. One of them is very famous, called the Anatolian Suite, by Turkish Composer Ferit Tüzün. The composition itself creates different colours and images in my mind. Althouıgh Anatolia is a tired land due to the centuries of wars between civilizations, it never stops being abundant. Of course, Anatolian women are productive like the land. Both are suited to each other in my mind. My paintings carry the subjects of abundancy, productivity and freedom.

article on her work


“It had been quite a while when I received the wonderful catalogue, called Fantasia, of the precious painter Mrs. TULIN KIPER. I looked over this catalogue Fantasia so many times with a great astonishment. I realised that for every look, I was very happy discovering new meanings, new colours which I had not realised before. And I said to myself “Oh my God, this is a real Artist - A CREATOR”.

First of all, I felt that I should prepare an introduction letter about this catalogue very urgently for my friends and for everyone to show my feelings but unfortunately everytime I tried, I saw that what I have found or what I should say will not be sufficient.

This nice story started like this. I, frankly speaking, could not explain how I felt about those beautiful pictures as my other curator friends did. Like deceased friend Mr. Zahir Guvemli or young curator friends Abdulkadir Gunyaz, deceased Gultekin Elibal and Umit Gezgin.........

I thought and I asked to myself that I said what I should have said so why don’t you have some ideas from your friends’ writings about this beautiful catalogue. For example: Please see what Mr. Zahir Guvemli who was one of the famous curator in Turkish Paintings, was saying about Mrs. KIPER’s paintings:

Wassily Kandinsky had said: When I listened to a classical music, I am seeing shiny colours flying in front of my eyes.” This is not an supposition or an imagination, this is an optical phenomenon and it is true. Kandinsky’s paintings had not been the paintings which had been done together with the music but the paintings of the music itself. Why I am saying this? Because, I am feeling the same thing for Mrs. KIPER’s paintings. From the beginning, I saw the music itself in all Mrs. KIPER’s paintings. TULIN is full of music like “Meloman people”. She has a big culture. The voice and the colour are the same value. She has a sense of paint when she listens to music or she has a sense of listening to music when she paints. When you look at her paintings you will easily understand with what kind of music she painted. She has stowed the harmony of the colours and the counterpoints in accordance with the regulation of the music. This is not a special effort that TULIN has.....

On the contrary, she is so sensitive in every manner. It is very easy to understand that she likes most the age of Baroque. I am seeing that she is working in a pointlist manner just like Bach and Vivaldi did in their music. That means, the notes of the music indicate her painting style.

Tülin Kiper as a painter has developed in a very short time. We can see her every exhibition as a recital. Does she have a tendency to paintings or to music? In this context, we could take into account the other curators’ thoughts about the artist. (ZAHIR GUVEMLI)

Tülin Kiper is externalizing all her feelings and understanding with her paintings. Her feelings and her satisfactions create her paintings with the same feelings and the satisfactions when she hears the music.” (ABDULKADIR GUNYAZ)

Tülin Kiper is living in a very big typhoon in her paintings. For her, Art is always to create something. Whoever talks, the painting is an endless love for her. Her love and her enthusiasm which we are seeing in her pictures are incredible. The colours are easily find a place between the music and the poem.” (UMIT GEZGIN)

Tülin Kiper cannot take herself to impress her inside world with her generosity and with her inside richness. It is very obvious that the painting and the music are together in her soul. No one can deny it.” (GULTEKIN ELIBAL)

“The picture brings the things that the human will see and should see but most of the time they never see. (GOETHE)

Art is an event which passes between the life, the birth/the death and the reincarnation. Well what is an art work then? An art work was never being a thing as everybody knows. The reality which is being seen outside is never a reality. The true reality is in our minds. As a meaning, an art work is an entry to the paintings as a sense, as an application, and as a possible interpretation.

As Tzara’s saying “Art is an image while a person is awake.” An artist can create such a form that the reality and the surreality, the known and the unknown could be mixed with each other. Again, the creation of an accustomed is unique with the artist. In this context, TULIN KIPER is an expressive and creative painter. She uses every items not how it should be but how she feels. For example; she uses the pink or the orange colour for a leave instead of using the colour green. KIPER is a creator who reflects all the messages with all her senses to her periphery as a voice, a colour and a style.

The different art styles is always related to each other. For example, painting with music, painting with literature etc. But till the 20th century, these relations were very limited. By the end of 19th century the limits between the arts had been destroyed due to the academic and technical developments interfering the life itself. This interference between the painting and the music is a lot. Because the photograf and the cinema since decades have been beaten to interrogate the paintings. And the painters were started to discover the abstract music. The interest of the artists to the music shows differenciality since the ages. Some utilizes the music in their paintings, and some deliver the music forms like symphony or fugue to their paintings. The language of MRS. KIPER’s paintings reaches the sovereignty of the colours. The colours are free as much as they can be. In a way, the sounds turn to the colour. In her lifestyle, music and painting are mixed and they are the type of pray. When you look at her paintings very carefully, you can easily see that she is impressing what she feels but not what she sees.

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