artisan direct ~ Carmen Luna Labbe II

Carmen Luna Labbé, a native Texan, is a third generation artist of Spanish and French descent. While growing up, her everyday home life was filled with performances of art, music and drama, which instilled within her a life long passion for the arts. She performed for three different acting companies in Texas, one of which was a nationally recognized traveling company, and she was also personally recognized as a national award winner for her lighting, set and costume designs.

Carmen has traveled extensively in South and Central America, living and working for extended periods of time in Chile, Brazil and Argentina. During this time Carmen worked directly with the government dignitaries of these countries and became deeply integrated in their cultures. Already fluent in English and Spanish, Carmen taught herself Brazilian Portuguese to assist her during her work in Brazil.

The combination of her passionate family upbringing for the arts and the vast multi-cultural experiences has birthed the foundation for Carmen’s artistic expressions. Her artworks combine a wide array of traditional acrylics, reflective paints and multi media which transform her canvas and become true expressions of both her past experiences and future visions.

Carmen’s original art works, as well as commissioned work, can found in a number of private collections.

  • Solo Exhibitions
  • Ward Nasse Gallery, Soho, NY
  • World Fine Art, Chelsea, NY
  • Agora Gallery, Soho, NY
  • Schacknow Museum of Fine Art, Plantation, FL
  • Art in Public Places, Saratoga, NY
  • Art in Public Places, Dallas, TX
  • Art in Public Places, Arlington, TX
  • Group Exhibitions
  • Latham Gallery, Glens Falls, NY
  • World Fine Art, Chelsea, NY
  • Ward-Nasse Gallery, Soho, NY
  • Art Expo New York 2007, New York, NY
  • Art Expo Las Vegas 2007, New York, NY
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