artisan direct ~ Martine Lepore

From her beginnings in the design houses of New York City, Martine Lepore moved to the art world where her pursuit of artistic learning took her throughout the United States and Europe. After studying with artists around the world, she landed finally in Rochester, New York. Here, she produces drawings, sculptures and paintings in every medium available to her.

Martine measures the success of her work not only by how she creates it, but also by the reactions that her art evokes from others. Inspired by her Italian ancestry, Martine’s warm blends of color and figure mesmerize the eye. Her masterful paintings contrast the awesome and the trivial, the manic and the melancholic, the high and the low, using sources from her daily life. The paintings are combinations of techniques and images, historical and autobiographical references. Through the use of her palette she shares her unique view of the mysteries, paradoxes, anxieties and delights of human experience and its artistic analogs. Her original art and restorations can be viewed in hundreds exclusive private collections throughout the United States and Europe.

Martine is also dedicated to bringing the highest quality, skilled care to the restoration of valuable artwork. She is committed to the preservation of artistic and historic artifacts, striving to be among the best in this field. To this end, she has spent countless hours in training, research, and work exchanges with other professionals.

  • 1994-present Elizabeth Collection Gallery, Rochester, NY
  • Synaesthesia Gallery Gallery, Rochester, NY
  • Annual Fine Art Expo, New York, NY
  • Brasserie Gallery, Rochester, New York
  • Leather Furniture Co. Gallery, Rochester, NY
  • Lakeshore Country Club, Rochester, NY
  • Renaissance Gallery, Rochester, NY
  • Midtown Athletics Gallery, Rochester, NY
  • Vitoch Interiors Gallery, Rochester, NY
  • Water Street Grill, Rochester, NY
  • Monroe Community College, Rochester, NY
  • Moonbeams Gallery, Rochester, NY
  • Geva Theatre Gallery, Rochester, NY
  • Center at High Falls Gallery, Rochester, NY
  • Two Vine Street Gallery, Rochester, NY
  • 1600 East Avenue Gallery, Rochester, NY

Monroe Community College Gallery, Rochester, NY

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