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“I awoke and yet continued to dream...” declared Max Beckmann, whose paintings evoke the essence of imagination and possibility. Following that same spirit and artistic legacy, Contemporary artist Mal Luber explores imaginative, other worldly visions of dreamlike realms, rendering compositions in which the influence of Henri Rousseau and the Surrealist movement are immediately evident. Drawing on these influences, Mr. Luber has developed a unique and personal style that integrates dreaming and waking life, delighting the viewer with his entertaining scenes and masterful technique.

Enchanting his viewers into the same dream-like state by creating Surrealist works which are fantasies innocently played out amidst a supernatural realm of magic, Mr. Luber’s fantastical canvases skillfully capture the viewer’s attention. An eternal juvenescence of a whimsical, fabulous kingdom is conjured up before us as he gently coaxes us to open our imagination and accept the more surreal elements of his work, such as a giraffe lurking in the picture plane or lions and elephants hovering serenely above a sleeping figure. Brilliantly depicting these dreamscapes where the human and the animal, the everyday and the supernatural, coexist harmoniously in a grandiose vision of pure tranquility, his compositions are metaphors for peace and harmony. The artist’s swirls of expressionistic brushstrokes and luscious jewel-tone color palette complement the intriguing scenes that unfold in his paintings, enhancing the dreamlike atmosphere. Creating luxurious textures in nuanced, lush layers of paint resulting in brilliant hues, light also plays prominently in the dazzling compositions, as it illuminates the sublime emotional vistas and textural backgrounds. The overall effect is one of visceral introspection and aesthetic intrigue that encourages the viewer to both laugh at and appreciate the whimsical juxtapositions of modern life.

Passionately approaching his canvases with a purposeful majesty that enriches his art with a powerful I grandeur, Mr. Luber challenges the viewer to visit his magical kingdom of creativity and imagination and transcend the parameters of our lives. As he channels his thoughts and dreams into melodious, painterly “eyeconic” visions, his provocative subjects have a strong orbital pull, centering the swirl of varied mediums and inspirations with unifying force. The compelling world that takes form, forged through a mixed media approach, allows his work to take on a sense of whimsical liveliness to serve as a treasure trove of expression of complex emotional states.

Reaching beyond what we know in an inspired leap, provides Mal Luber’s paintings with a transcendent and inspirational appeal. This Connecticut resident is an award-winning artist who is represented in prestigious collections throughout the world and whose art is treasured in both the private and corporate sector.

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about the artist

BFA Hunter College: 1960
MA Hunter College: 1964
Commercial Artist/ Designer, Illustrator, Portrait Artist, Painter

As an artist, I am always seeking new and unique ways to present a visual concept. Although I have always been a realist and interested more in the power and impact of particular image than in the surrounding environment, I have recently become intrigued by pushing the envelope of reality into fantasy. I have done this with both my Carousel series, in which inanimate animals become alive; my Look Who Dropped In series, in which wild animals inhabit domestic environments; and the new Bodies of Art series, in which the human body becomes a canvas. With each new work of art I find new ways to express an often subconscious concept, so I never really know where a new painting or a series of paintings will take me.


  • Group Show—Ruth Sherman Gallery, New York City
  • One Man Show—Crown Gallery, New Haven, CT.
  • One Man Show—Southern Connecticut State College, New Haven, CT.
  • One Man Show—Manchester Community College Gallery of Art, Manchester, CT.
  • Two Man Show—Museum of Art Science and Industry, Bridgeport, CT.
  • One Man Drawing Show—Capitol Building—-Hartford, CT.
  • Two Man Show—Berkeley College, Yale University
  • Connecticut Artists Group Show—Slater Museum, Norwich, CT.
  • Mural Commission—Connecticut Savings Bank, New Haven, CT.
  • New England Exhibition of Painting and Drawings—Silvermine Gallery of Art, New Canaan, CT — UNION CARBIDE AWARD FOR DRAWING—Photo-realist Drawings
  • “Portraits in the City”—One man show—New Britain Museum of American Art — Photo-realist Drawings PURCHASE AWARD
  • Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts Exhibition—Wadsworth Atheneum, Hartford, CT—Photo-realist Drawings
  • One Man Show—Misrachi Gallery—Madison Ave., New York City—acrylic paintings
  • “Drawings and Water Colors of American Realists”—Louis Meisel Gallery—New York—Photo-realist Drawings
  • One Man Show—Louis Meisel Gallery, New York City—Photo-realist Drawings
  • “Living American Artists and the Figure”—Museum of Art, Penn- State University -Photo-realist Drawings of nudes
  • “The Human Image Today”—Ralph Macon Woman’s College, Lynchburg, VA—-Photo-realist Drawings of nudes
  • “Three Centuries of the American Nude”—New York Cultural Center, New York —Photo-realist Drawings of nudes
  • “Six Distinct Visions”—Marisa del Re Gallery—New York City—photo-realist drawing of inner city people
  • “Hi Mom! What’s New? Five Artists Look at Children “—Norton Gallery of Art, West Palm Beach, FL PURCHASE AWARD—Photo-realist Drawings of children
  • “Nothing But Nudes”—Whitney Museum of Art, New York—Photo-realist Drawings of nudes
  • One Man Show—Cyvia Gallery, New Haven, CT.
  • Special Showing for Selected Artists—Connecticut Arts Week—Shakespeare Theater
  • 68th Annual Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts—RICHARD WELLING PRIZE FOR DRAWING
  • 1998 National Greeley Juried Exhibition—Greeley Colorado FIRST PRIZE for portraiture
  • 1998 Art of the Northeast—Juried Exhibition—Silvermine Guild, New Canaan, CT.
  • 1998 Windsor Memorial—Juried Exhibition—Windsor, CT.
  • 1998 Westmoreland Juried Arts and Heritage Festival, Latrobe, PA.—AWARD OF DISTICTION
  • 1998 9th Annual Juried Exhibition—Veridian Artists, 57th St- New York, N.Y.
  • 1998 Contemporary Realism III, Old City, PA.- Photo-realist Drawings
  • 1998 Alternative Museum National Showcase: “New Visions, New Voices”, New York, N.Y.
  • 1998 Manhattan Arts Int’l Magazine 7th Annual Arts Competition—ARTIST SHOWCASE AWARD
  • 1998 State of the Arts—National Juried Competition, Florence, Oregon— FIRST PRIZE for drawing
  • 1998 Nightwalker Annual Juried Art Exhibition, Ft- Collins Museum of Art, Ft- Collins CO.- Acrylic paintings of the west
  • 1998 Artists Guild, Cheyenne, WY— SECOND PRIZE for painting of the American West
  • 1998 Annual Faber Brren National Color Award Show, Stamford, CT—VIVIAN AND STANLEY REED FOUNDERS AWARD FOR PAINTING
  • 1998 “Aesthetics ‘98”—Sandzen Gallery, Lindsborg, KS.
  • 1998 The Art Institute and Gallery of Salisbury, 77th Annual Juried Show, Salisbury, MD.
  • 1998 Colored Pencil Society of America, The Mackey Gallery— HONORABLE MENTION for color pencil drawings
  • 1998 Santa Fe Art Classic—William Vincent Fine Art, Santa Fe, NM.
  • 1998 “On/Of Paper”—Chowan College, Green Hall Gallery, Murfreesboro, N.C.- Photo-realist Drawings
  • 1998 National Society of Artists International Exhibition, Santa Fe, TX—-paintings of American West
  • 1999 Western Spirit Art Show and Sale—Old West Museum, Cheyenne, WY—-paintings of American West
  • 1999 “The Figure In Real Life—A Twenty Year Retrospective”—LBK Gallery, Newton, MA—-photo-realist paintings and drawings
  • 1999 “ Portraits of the Soul”—One Man Show—Stiar Gallery—Stoughton, MA—figurative drawings and portraits
  • 1999 “Art at the Classic”—Grass County CA—Equine paintings and drawings
  • 1999 “Figuratively Speaking”—University of Bridgeport, Bridgeport, CT—Photo-realist Drawings of nudes
  • 1999 “On/Of Paper” National Competition—Chowan College, Murfreesboro, NC— HONORABLE MENTION for drawing
  • 2000 “The Horse in Art”—Hartford Fine Art, Hartford, CT—acrylic paintings of horses
  • 2000 The Hubbard Museum of Western Art Invitational Show, Ruidso, NM—paintings and drawings of American West
  • 2000 Lauren Ellis Gallery, Group Show, New York, N.Y.
  • 2000 Gallery Choice Award Winner—Art Trends Magazine: Best Western Print—Western Art
  • 2001 American Academy of Equine Art Annual Exhibition—Museum of the Horse—Louisville, KY — Popular Choice Award for “The Power of Two”—Acrylic equine painting
  • 2001 “On/Of Paper”—Chowan College, Murfreesboro, NC—photo-realist drawings
  • 2003 International Exhibition on Animals in Art, Louisiana State University—graphite and color pencil drawings of animals
  • 2003 Annual Wildlife Show—The Gallery at Pheasant Ridge—Greenwich, NY—acrylic paintings and drawings of wildlife
  • 2204 47th Annual International Exhibition—San Diego Art Institute—Photo-realist Drawings of nudes and street people
  • 2004 “Win-Place-Show”—An exhibition of horse racing art—The Arts Center, Saratoga, NY—Acrylic paintings of horse racing
  • 2005 Wildlife Artist’s Association—California Museum of Living Art—Photo-realist Drawings of wildlife
  • 2205 “Art of the Animal Kingdom—Bennington Center for the Arts—color pencil drawings of animals
  • 2005 “Art Show at the Dog Show”—Foyer Gallery, Century II Convention Center—First PRIZE FOR DRAWING —graphite drawings of dogs
  • 2005 “Art of the Animal Kingdom”—Bennington Center for the Arts, Bennington, VT.- color pencil drawings of wildlife
  • 2005 “Innocence”—New Britain Museum of American Art—Photo-realist Drawings
  • 2005 NY Dog Fancier’s Club—First Prize for Drawing—graphite drawing of dogs
  • 2006 “Go Figure”—Maryland Federation of Art—Award for Drawing
  • 2006 “Art Show at the Dog Show, Witchita , KS
  • 2006 “Art of the Animal Kingdom”—Bennington Center for the Arts, Bennington, VT- —acrylic paintings of wildlife
  • 2006 “New Acquisitions: Watercolors, Drawings and Prints”—New Britain Museum of American Art

professional associations

  • Cowboy Artists and Photographers Association of America
  • Wildlife Artists of America
  • Worldwide Nature Artists Group
  • Washington Society of Portrait Artists


  • Norton Museum of Art, West Palm Beach, FL
  • New Britain Museum of American Art, New Britain, CT.
  • Pillsbury Collection, New Haven, CT
  • Charlton Heston
  • University of Connecticut Health Center
  • Numerous private collections
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