Sócrates Márquez

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Self-taught Dominican born artist Sócrates Márquez brings his works to life by exploring with acrylics, oils and household items. His paint-splatter technique combined with his unique ability to layer the works with textural interpretations allow him to produce pieces of art that are vibrant and stimulating, inviting the viewers to a journey of discovery and self-interpretations within the intentional “chaos” he creates.

The backbone of his work is movement. Guided by a sense of freedom, spontaneity and attention to process, Sócrates creates artworks that do not feel like abstracts painted on a flat surface but instead, as beckoning places viewers want to step into. His works visually communicate and evoke the emotional and spiritual from the viewer. Each piece of work this artist offers produces another “layer” of skill upon closer scrutiny.

“When working on each painting, I am very passionate. I give it my all; my emotions, my energy! On each painting my goal is to create an emotional connection with the viewers by letting them wander and explore around the painting until that surprising moment when they find their own connection with the work”.

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