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What do I want from my Art? I want my Art to give voice to a unique exuberant energy for life. The subject, techniques, and palette merge to boldly and enthusiastically embraces the Life of Life.

As an Animator, Film Maker and Artist, a synergy of thought and approach to my Art is natural. The graphic power of Film Noir or striking colors of Master Cinematographers of the Technicolor Era - the simplicity and abstraction of shape and line to create flow in Animation - the sense of life and organics of a medium in great Impressionists Art - The joy and dynamics of Pop Art - The simple beauty of Sumi-e or strength of Hiroshige - A virtual visual calliope of imagery, thought and feeling at constant play in my head is at the heart of my work. As an Artist whose work is subject oriented, the desire is to capture my unique feeling for the soul of the subject.

Artistically, I am a big believer in “Less is More” and “Powerful Use of Color”. I strive to find simple and effective means to represent my subject matter. I also prefer to create Art that reveals its techniques rather than tries to hide it. I embrace the power of simplicity, letting the technique and palette do a lot of the heavy lifting.

Creatively, my nature is and always has been one of epiphany, with incredible bursts of productivity. A creative sprinter, expelling all my energy in a race for the finish line, I collapse and then recover for the next mad dash. Like an empty vessel, I must dip myself into the well of creative waters to fill my mind and spirit with fresh and life-giving thoughts and ideas. My Fountainhead of eclectic “whatevers” that I find amusing, interesting, awesome, thought-provoking, unusual, inventive, beautiful, weird... This is an essential list of unknown unknowns that will ultimately elicit the next artistic burst.

My Art is a romantic relationship to me, an irrepressible attraction for creating that invokes my fascination and passion, and satisfies desires that cannot find expression in any other way.


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about the artist

Born in New Jersey in 1961, Tom was the corporate version of a military brat, by the time he graduated high school, it was his seventh school. The only constant in Tom’s youth was Art and Film, which he embraced with a passion every practical parent fears.

After high school, Tom took Photography and Painting classes at The Art Institute of Chicago and studied film making at Columbia College of Chicago, where he excelled as a practical artist and film maker. Between those years and the beginning of his professional career, he worked at camera shops and multi-media companies to fund his experiments in film / animation and art. During those years, Tom cannibalized old film projectors, building a Kinescope style rotoscope.

He produced experimental animation and films, projecting them behind bands at their performances. Played with varieties of paints and application methods, Churned out extensive drawings, digested a lot of research reading, and ending this phase by producing, directing and animating a pop music video.

Enter no-nonsense world demands. Profitable work in a field that encompassed his talents was essential. Living in Chicago, Advertising was the most sensible and lucrative option. Though a neophyte about advertising, this would prove no barrier to deter Tom. On the weight of his music video,Tom garnered industry connections who provided him with the creative who, what, and how of Advertising. In a month and half Tom created a Mad Magazine style sample book of the most outrageous TV commercial campaigns he could imagine. He shopped it around to the top Chicago agencies. Two weeks later, Leo Burnett hired him as an Art Director. Within a year, Tom was placed in Burnett’s premiere Creative Group for National Broadcast Commercials. It was here, while working with the nations top production and post production companies, that Tom saw the dawn of the Digital Age and read the writing on the wall.

Leaving advertising behind, Tom embraced The Digital Revolution. He moved to San Francisco Bay Area to partner with a Multi Media Company as In House Director, Lead Creative, and Lead 2D Artist. Here he fully rooted himself into the Digital Arts. During Tom’s “Decade in the Bay Area”, he worked on projects ranging from 3D games to TV shows, and garnered awards for Web Design, Flash Animation, 2D Digital Animation and 2D Digital Art. Currently, in Chicago, Tom’s designing his patented software tools for Flash character animation and animation tools and toys for web and mobile devices. As a mature Fine Digital Artist, Tom commands his Artistic abilities, in both technique and vision and strives to create unique work that feels the world as he sees.



Tom has created music videos as well - here are a few of the latest.

“You’re My Drug” by The Dukes of the Stratosphear

“He Saw Red” by Tomorrow the Moon

Lost Souls

The “Lost Souls” series is a collection of color charged portraits of great 20th Century Music Personalities who are gone but should never be forgotten. The striking and expressive use of color and and masterful impressionist techniques make for a series of portraits that boldly declares the everlasting power of these Great Music Artists. Currently, only the “Silver Edition” is being offered to the public. Each portrait has a run of 3 - 16 x 20 LightJet prints, “The” state of the art museum archive quality photo print process. Each is signed and numbered by the artist and comes with a custom “Lost Souls” series Certificate of Authenticity.

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On White

The “On White” collection is a highly subject focused series, deconstructing the subject into three distinct approaches. Each suggests the subject and then overlays these techniques into one distinct and unique rendering. All of these are conducted with a strong flair of Fauvism and featured on a bright white field. This produces a distinct, clean, contemporary look that supports and enhances the strong colors at play in these stylishly lively pieces of art. Each piece has a run of 9 - 16 x 20 LightJet prints, “The” state of the art museum archive quality photo print process. Each is signed and numbered by the artist and comes with a custom “On White” series Certificate of Authenticity.

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