Ivan Mihov

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My paintings don’t pop out, they pull in.

My work doesn’t really have a statement that is intended as such. There is no pre-conceived concept implied in the content. Rather, it is an open and direct invitation to the audience’s imagination. The meaning or the story is created by the viewer and it carries the emotional and personal elements of their own perception. Every person has a story and everyone’s story is different.

I believe part of the reason for this effect is the way I approach the painting process itself. The idea or the essence of the painting is developed and brought to life entirely during the creation process. The work evolves organically literally under my hands. It is like it is painting itself in a way, and I am just there to direct the overall chaos, to stir and manage the brushes and paints as they fly around in unexpected directions.

Basic geometric and organic shapes are the building blocks in most of my work. They morph into each other to imply a perceptual depth and to create movement. Through these shapes, lines and movements, the viewer’s imagination is invited onto a journey.

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