Mirko Molnar

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“We, as well as everything around us, are all parts of the one invisible whole and we contain in ourselves various structures which are often complicated and vast. Macro- and microcosm are the constant sources of ideas and my inspiration, which I try to express with different art techniques.

“Using the features of black-and-white drawings and graphics I try to talk about one continuous positive-negative opposition between things in the world around us.

“I am interested in two states of reality: existence, and behaviour of vaporising and decomposing materials, and soft as well as solid, sharp, and hard ones, and their macro- and microstructures.

“I use intertwined lines and shapes to express the constant process of birth, decomposition, and rebuilding of world, and also the incessant battle for survival, and the constant opposition between the artist and the material. Our thoughts, feelings, and destinies are being woven or ripped and broken in the similar way the parts of organic and non-organic world are.I strive to bring some order and peace through my works into the chaotic, restrained, and neglected life filled with anxiety.”

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about the artist

He was born in Sivac (Serbia) in 1954. He finished the College of Education, department of Arts, in Szeged (Hungary) in 1988. Since 1990 he has worked in Subotica as an arts teacher. He works in graphics. He took part in art colonies in the countries and abroad. Beside educational work, he is an artist.

He has had nine personal exhibitions,and he took part in numerous group exhibitions in the country and abroad. He has been a member of the Society of Artists of Vojvodina (SULUV) since 2007.


  • Select Solo Exhibitions
  • 1996, Subotica - Old City Hall
  • 1997, Novi Sad - Forum Klub Gallery
  • 2001, Subotica - Bucka - Gányó Gallery
  • 2005, Budapest(Hungary) - Kossuth Klub Gallery
  • 2007, Zenta - Municipal Museum
  • 2008, Dunakeszi(Hungary)-József Attila Club Gallery
  • 2008, Subotica - Likovni Susret Modern Gallery
  • 2009, Backa Topola - Art Gallery
  • 2011, Makó-City Hall Gallery
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