Richard Moor

about the artist

Richard J. Moor was born on June 6, 1958 in Greenwood, Mississippi. While growing up at Fort Loring Plantation, he learned to appreciate the rural landscape. Although Moor is primarily self taught, the painter has studied with local teachers and workshops. In his paintings, he attempts to capture the fleeting light upon the landscape. Moor currently resides with his family in Ridgeland, MS. He is a former award-winning member of the Mississippi Artist Guild and his paintings have been purchased by individual and institutional collectors.

artist statement

Approach To Oil Painting

“Generally I work from field studies or photographs. In establishing the composition, I develop the large masses with colors straight from the tube, maybe lightened with white, or possibly thinned. Next, I evaluate this attempt to determine if lights and darks have been properly executed. Additional mixed colors are layered over the masses in either a wet in wet process or allowing the canvas to dry, a technique called scumbling. As the painting progresses, with the variation of color, the details began to come forth. The more variation within the masses, the more finished the painting becomes.”

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