artisan direct ~ Norton Kent

Few days escape without myself, my dogs and a cat sharing a 1100-square-foot studio loaded with jars of paint, two easels, piles of stretchers and frames leaning against the walls. Acrylics are my medium of choice as are soft all-medium brushes for spreading layers of glazes. Minimal sketching is done on canvas or prepared boards. Just enough sketching to get started. From there, it is trial and error, letting the paint take charge. Expressions, colors, and positions change throughout the process. I do not strive for realism, allowing myself the freedom of style. Imperfections are part of the creative process and can lead to totally unexpected results. What I do strive for is a painting that prompts the viewer’s imagination and, perhaps, a memory.

In the years since 1996 when I started painting women, I can see the changes that have evolved. Maturity is a positive word for aging and I am proud to see how my work has matured over the years. I will continue to encourage change and let the paintings evolve naturally.

The long necked women are pensive and thoughtful for a purpose. They seek identity and strength from the inner self and those around them and in that sense, they are me. Artists who have been my inspiration are Odd Nerdrum for emotional paintings, Rouault for strength, Modigliani for expression, Klimt for imagination and the many artists of the middle ages and Renaissance for historical reference.

  • Abends Gallery in Denver, CO
  • Gallery West in Taos, NM
  • Main Street Gallery in Buffalo, WY
  • Art of Denver Gallery in Denver, CO
  • Art Fair Gallery in Silver Springs, MD
  • Art of Silver Plume in Silver Plume, CO
  • Bristol Gallery in Denver, CO
  • Colorado Lawyers of the Arts in Denver, CO
  • Washington Park Scapes: Honorable Mention, Denver, CO
  • Greenwood Village Show: Honorable Mention, Greenwood Village, CO
  • Purple Sage Emporium in Wimberly, TX.
  • Jewish Community Center: 1st Prize, Denver, CO
  • Blue Creek Gallery in Denver, CO
  • Leaping Lizards Gallery (3 shows) in Denver, CO
  • Cherry Creek Art Festival in Denver, CO (2 invitations)
  • Tabor Center in Denver, CO (5 shows)
  • Gallery Central in Hot Springs, AR
  • RiverMarket Artspace in Little Rock, AR
  • Gallery C in Raleigh, NC
  • Carteret Contemporart Arts in Moorehead, NC
  • Casa D Arte in Shreveport, LA
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