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My work, like my experience of life, is always about layers — color layered over color, opacity over transparency. Just as in life, joy layers over sorrow and today slips over yesterday. Patches of brilliant color peek through the more somber hues, leaving them to be discovered like sweet summer secrets remembered in winter.

All my history comes together in each work — brilliant background colors express the joyous freedom of my Idaho childhood summers, layered with years of work and study, loss and gain. The top layers of glass express the now, taking us right up to this present moment of touching their tactile surface — expressing fleeting moments to be savored and treasured, knowing this moment will never be here again.

I love exploring the texture of glass against that of paint as I create images of nature, music and dance and even geometric abstractions — always evoking emotions of joy. I believe there is much of world to appreciate and celebrate and strive to communicate that optimism to my audience.

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about the artist

Anne Nye studied painting at both the University of Idaho and California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland CA and then succumbed to the beauty of glass. She creates mixed media paintings as well as fused glass wall and table art.

Her painting background led her to approach fused glass in very much the same way, using traditional layered techniques. These same techniques she applies to the glass, layering pieces of colored glass together and “painting” the details in crushed glass, then (fusing) it all together in a kiln at about 1450˚F over an 18 — 24 hrs period.

Anne’s mixed media paintings combine both her love of glass and painting. Starting with acrylic paint on a wood panel, she plays the rhythm of paint against the melody of color, then takes it to a new depth of expression by adding the texture of fused glass to each piece.


  • 2001 & 2002 J Doe Public Art Project
  • 2004-2005 Joslyn Art Museum “Artistree”
  • 2006 “People’s Choice Award” Visiting Nurses Invitational, Omaha NE
  • 2007-08 Commission for Child-Saving Institute, Omaha NE
  • 2009 Summer Arts Festival Poster Artist, Omaha NE
  • 2010 Nebraska Governor’s Residence Program, Lincoln NE
  • 2009 Poppy Gallery, Columbia MO
  • 2009 From Our Hands Gallery, Des Moines IA
  • 2009/10 Cornerhouse Fine Arts, Cedar Rapids IA
  • 2010 Art & Artisans Gallery, Chicago IL
  • 2010 Exclusive Collections Gallery, San Diego CA
  • 2011 Red Dot, New York

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