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Photography as an art form takes many directions. Each individual sees a component of our world differently. That being as it is, photography enables one to display that vision in how an image is captured and printed. When someone is able to define his own vision then the capture of an image becomes second nature and he is constantly hunting that one better image. My work deals with nature. Flowers, landscapes, and the critters of nature. I’ve been able to discover profound beauty in the most unlikely places. The interior of a small flower, the peace and quiet of the desert, the majesty of the mountains. As you look at my photographs I hope that you will also see the beauty I attempt to portray.

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about the artist

The photography bug caught me about 1970 with the purchase of a used, yet quality 35mm SLR. Within three years, photography courses from two institutions had been completed. Multiple workshops on lighting and darkroom technique followed, and then an apprenticeship in portraiture. With an enlistment expired it was off to home and college.

Photography provided an income by producing portraits, slides for commercial use, advertisements, and prints of real estate, all processed in the darkroom. When the business world called, photography became a passionate hobby for many years. The switch to digital happened in 2000. All the basics of photography that served so well with film became just as relevant with digital. After many dollars in equipment and many hours of training, the digital image became an art form developing in the computer. Photographers still paint with light but now process the images in the computer instead of the darkroom.

When an image during processing becomes a scene that is harmonious in color and form, pleasant to the eye, and striking in the mind, it becomes art instead of just a photograph. Some of my images are very real with great detail, some are surreal portraying an emotion. All have been heavily processed requiring many hours of work. All are intended to be a pleasant viewing experience for you. I sincerely hope you thoroughly enjoy viewing my work as much as I enjoyed creating it.

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