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A pioneer in papermaking

Roland Poska pioneered the medium of handmade paper in contemporary art. Poska’s discoveries began in graduate school with the simple question, “what can a simple piece of paper really become?”

Poska’s show at the Milwaukee Art Museum July 4th, 1976, was the first major paper-painting exhibition in the United States.

The pioneering and monumental work of Roland Poska was highly publicized in contemporary art journals and the medium was subsequently explored by many artists including Chuck Close, David Hockney and Frank Stella.

Roland Poska is the leading pioneer in his medium and reveals fantastic realms of what a piece of paper can become. Working with 100% cotton fibre and the purest pigments, Poska has created a distinctive organic form subtly delivering a profound narrative content as he explores “The Great Human Race”.

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about the artist

Roland Poska was born in Scotland in 1938 to parents of Lithuanian descent; Poska received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Rockford College in 1961 and a Master of Fine Arts degree from Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan.

It was while he was a senior at Cranbrook that Poska first made paper with Lawrence Barker, then head of the printmaking department.

Roland was an Art Instructor at Rockford College from 1963-1964, and the Layton School of Art and Design, Milwaukee WI from 1965-1974, Roland was the Head of Printmaking at Milwaukee School of Art and Design, Milwaukee, from 1974-1976, and was a Co-founder of that school.

artist statement

From a dry deckle edge of a handmade sheet of paper,
the idea began to grow.

Perhaps everything in the universe, indeed the universe itself,
is the result of forces forever meeting, or parting.

Where forces meet, or part.
From this eternal process,
everything springs eternal.

It is from what is unseen that everything manifests
itself in continuous shifting forms.

We Meet, We Grow, And We Part.

From nothing to something, the first is incomprehensible,
but, so is the second,

the process of creation.

Roland Poska 2012

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