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I am a full-time artist. My art begins with a vision and or felt sense. These are conceived through dream, improvisational performance, meditation, trance and movement, as well as walks, swims and peaceful times in nature. My goal is to express the essence of my experiences and to maintain full connection to this feeling throughout the entire process of creation. While working, it feels like I am in a very expansive realm. I go to places where I am, at times, experiencing what I sense and can only describe as the core process of evolution.

My work is filled with fine detail. I draw, paint, manipulate my photographic images, emboss and sew. Most of my work is deeply textured with fibers, roots, twigs, hair, bones, and other found materials/treasures. Then I enlarge my creation to the desired size and print it as a giclee (high quality archival print). Once this transformation is complete, my sense shifts and I am informed by a new and very intimate perspective of the work. In this format I dive in and do what the image calls for me to do. Most often I am once again moved to draw, paint, print on, use my hand-carved-stamps, emboss and stitch, layer upon layer until I have a sense of completion, until the piece has indeed evolved.

The process of bringing forth my visions, blending images with technology and then marrying them with treasures from the natural world and recycled materials is fascinating and oh so deeply satisfying! There is a coming together through the elements of my own humanity, my female knowing. Stated simply, a profound connection and honoring of all that is takes place.

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about the artist

The Genesis of Visual Healing Arts and new directions

I was born with a congenital muscular disease called Myotonia Congenita. As a child, my muscles spasmed and very often I would fall down, my eyelids would get stuck shut, my tongue would spasm & I couldn’t speak. I was miserable.

By the time I was 5 or 6, I was keenly aware of my own physical challenges and need for healing. I had a strong intuitive sense of color as a means of healing. I remember being in church and intuitively feeling the problems of people sitting around me, and what colors I felt could help them heal. My mother sewed and I used to take little pieces of colored cloth and slip them into people’s pockets. So I began to disperse medicine at an early age!

Early in life, I discovered that alcohol relieved the symptoms of my neurological disorder. With enough alcohol, I was able to run, dance and physically behave normally. I drank for 23 years. My alcoholism led to years of anxiety, depression and an inability to connect meaningfully with people, nature or the Spirit world.

After being unable to find help from professionals, one day I heard a voice in my head say “things will change if you get honest”, and later to “pray without ceasing.” I began to pray with a serious devotion and two years later, I was introduced to recovery support and alternative integrative therapies for healing. Primary in the first years were weekly Rolphing sessions, Buddhist Meditation, studies with Choygam Trungpa Rinpoche, and individual talk therapy weekly with some gifted professionals.

I became a Substance Abuse counselor and received training in-group facilitation. I worked with patients with dual diagnosis for 10 years. During these years I found that having patients journal and draw their hopes, dreams and stories was often a very effective tool in their recovery.

I found myself more and more drawn to helping my clients with prayer, meditation, the expressive arts, ritual and beauty. My own spiritual practice was turning towards a deep connection with the natural world, through creating earth art installations, ritual, dreams and intentional prayer. This work brought me to what I now call “the flow” — meaning the deep understanding and trust of the connection of all beings of this and the spirit world.

I began to paint my honest feelings. I learned how to talk gently to my body and listen to what my body wanted to do, how it wanted to move, what it had to say. This was the genesis of In-tuit Movement.

By listening to my body I then was able to allow, for example, my legs to paint. As I painted with my right leg and foot, I realized that the limp and a twisted foot I always had were sympathetic body patterns that echoed my fathers’ polio ailments. Unconscious physical distortions created in an effort to receive his love. My whole body was filled with stories, the truth of who I was!

This process changed my life. This letting go was a tremendous relief physically and emotionally. I realized on a very deep level that I was ok, because I was willing to go to any length to become more whole.

In 1991, I made a decision not to work as an employee within the confines of any “institution” again. At this point I was ready to offer workshops to individuals who were seriously motivated. People who wanted their own healing. Those who were willing to transform themselves and the world they live in. I began to offer my own expressive arts workshops. I was a guide, and did not use the term healer, because I truly assist people healing themselves.

My own personal recovery continues by committing to daily Spiritual Practices, study, creating and being sacred art. As always, I delight in the process of these experiences and know I am blessed!


My art has been represented and sold in Galleries throughout the United States since the 1970’s. In the last few years I have been showing in the Northeast:

  • March 2013: ArtExpo New York,
  • Casa Frela Gallery, Harlem, New York City
  • Northampton Center for the Arts, Northampton, Massachusetts
  • Gallery in the Woods, Brattleboro, Vermont
  • Hallmark Museum Gallery, Turners Falls, Massachusetts
  • Salmon Falls Artisan Gallery, Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts
  • Green Trees Gallery, Northfield, Massachusetts
  • Edward Jones/Joseph LoMonaco Gallery, Brattleboro, Vermont
  • Visionary Healing Arts Sanctuary & Gallery, Colrain, Massachusetts
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