artisan direct ~ Ross Rider

Ross Rider was born in Rochester, New York. His wood sculptures master complex and intricate detail, something that has made Rider one of the most respected sculptors of our time. A long-time Kodak Retiree, he is a self-taught artist who discovered his passion for creating with wood in his grandfather’s wood shop. His work ranges from the functional (i.e., Stickley style furniture and cabinetry) to sculpture (i.e., totems, carousel horses, etc.). Ross is self-employed and his fine woodwork can be viewed in many prestigious private collections throughout the United States. The Elizabeth Collection has represented him for eight years, and his wood working art studio can be visited daily at Artisan Works.

Ross Rider has been described critically as “one of America’s most genius wood sculptors.” Rider’s personal work has been shown in over 50 exhibitions nationwide and is included in many private collections.

Go beyond reality into a world few could ever imagine and view life from a very different perspective. Larger Than Life features eleven tools and inventions of the 20th Century sculpted out of various exotic woods. Each piece is carved to a larger than life-size scale, including every detail, knob, and working part.

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