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Kasha Ritter was born November 24, 1964 in Manville, New Jersey. Growing up in New Jersey and upstate New York she continued her studies at Elmira College, SUNY Plattsburgh, and Graphic Careers Inc, in Rochester, New York.

Upon graduation she worked in graphic art/advertising, as a print shop assistant, a marketing manager/designer, freelance artist and technical illustrator.

Her current work with acrylic ink is the result of the late night realization that it’s okay to allow the intelligence of the work, of the medium, to move itself. She enjoys this role of instigator vs. micro manager.

”Let out the artist within.”
—Kasha Ritter

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about the artist

Kasha Ritter’s current focus of horse and jockey is the result of living in Louisville, Kentucky, home of The Kentucky Derby. Her current medium of acrylic ink on canvas is the result of finding a medium that transfers the energy of the artist to the canvas with the same level of intensity that it is applied with. Layers of color and texture build in a cohesive whole which is why an up-close and personal view of her work is a must. A photo doesn’t convey the action that can be felt while witnessing her art. More information on Kasha and her work:

artist statement

“Let Out The Artist Within this is the movement I create from,

this is the action required to apply color to canvas, canvas to bags, art to life.

I saw this need in others and felt it in myself, a desire to trust the creative voice within.

A wanting to let loose with color simply because it called me to do so.

Through trust I now listen with appreciation, no questions asked,

no corrections allowed from my logical mind.

Just a willingness to bring color into action, intensifying layers,

believing the color knows the way it wants to move.

But first I must step aside.”

- Kasha

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