Dennis Roberto

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I’ve always had a strong desire to draw and paint, especially the human form, and had known from a young age what I wanted to do professionally. I was interested in a variety of art as a young kid but as I grew, so did my desire for complexity in art. My parents made sure to introduce me to the masters as I got older. I found myself trying to emulate different artists but all of them always had a strong ability to portray the human form.

In high school I was on a field trip to see a traveling show of the masters and got to see first hand the beauty they were able to communicate. At that point I had a strong desire to try to be a professional artist, but decided to take a different course and got into design and illustration.

After some years, I found myself looking for work and was hired as a stained glass artisan which worked well as my faith has always been an influence in my artistic tastes. I was able to fully use my gifts in my profession as a liturgical artist. I then started my own business and for several years I designed and created works of stained glass, murals and statuary for churches. The work finally slowed and I again wanted to find an outlet for my gifts. I am now producing paintings and drawings along with my other endeavors.

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