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Created by Gisela Pferdekamper, “Rock Me Over”, a South Florida-based novelty company, is seeking to sell its line of fabulous ceramic animal products to retail stores nationally. The product line, hand-crafted in the United States, has created a niche business ideal for gift shops, novelty stores, college campus book stores and any other retail outlet that wants an enormously popular, reasonably priced novelty item to sell. The products are a wonderful way to brighten someone’s life, generate a smile and cement a relationship with family, friends, colleagues, team members or even your boss!

Each of the ceramic animals produced by the company is unique, hand painted and individually wrapped for sale.

Please contact Gisela by e-mailing her at or simply calling her at 561-422-3037.

Brighten someone’s day by selling a Rock Me Over product.

about the artist

Two Renowned Artists Fell in Love with Ceramic Sculptures

Harold Jacobsen & Gisela Pferdekamper

HAROLD was raised in a very artistic family, but never had time to pursue his creative dreams. It was not until after his retirement that he felt his interests lied in the field of abstract painting. It enabled him to express his creative freedom with a distinctive balance of color and loose brush strokes in whatever the medium, be it oil, acrylics or inks. Harold’s creative gift is primarily self-taught, but decided to attend numerous workshops to enhance his artistic abilities. His paintings have been exhibited in juried and nonjuried Fine Art Shows and are also included in private and corporate collections. In addition to Harold’s artistic skills, he is also acknowledged as an inventor, holding several patents on numerous products one of which was an escape ladder that was instrumental in saving two lives. Earlier in his life, Harold worked with underprivileged children as an arts and crafts counselor at various summer camps.

GISELA, of German birth, began her artistic career as a decorator in a department store and studied graphic art after hours. Her creative talent was rewarded with a scholarship to the prestigious “Niedersächsische Academy” a department of the “Braunschweig (Brunswick) University” in Germany. In 1975, she came to United States with her husband and settled in Palm Beach County, Florida. Gisela is known throughout the world for her beautiful and masterful works of art. She further expanded her interests and made a name for herself in the Floridian horse community as a breeder and trainer for Hanoverian Horses. It’s no wonder, that a big, pregnant Hanoverian Mare became the inspiration in most of her paintings. Her art is shown in numerous galleries, exhibitions and museums.

GISELA and HAROLD are both very optimistic artists, hoping that all who see and purchase their works will share in the feeling of joy and happiness that it took to create. Harnessing their individual talents in this newly found partnership, they have created affordable yet unique Gifts that everyone can see in here at their website.

Rock Me Over

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