artisan direct ~ Bernette Rudolph's Woodcuts

“Wood is my material of choice; I have used it as an indirect means for the finished work as in my many years of making woodcut prints or as a mold for hand paper sculpture. Today the wood I cut is used as an end in itself. Baltic Birch wood is the material of my ‘Wood Wall Sculptures’.

“Wood has unlimited possibilities and my goal is to explore the endless challenges that wait to be discovered. My tools are the band saw and the scroll saw. I use these tools as the painter uses a brush and canvas.”
—Bernette Rudolph

Gallery Statement
Bernette Rudolph, an internationally-recognized artist, is always in the forefront of ideas, innovation and exploration. Her love and skill with wood has earned her a reputation for inspiring and captivating exhibitions. Passionate collectors praise her work. Her personality, energy and timeless creativity influence and touch the soul of the viewer’s eye.
—Paulette Hios, Director Belanthi Gallery, New York

New York Review
Contours speak volumes in the work of widely exhibited artist Bernette Rudolph. Rudolph achieves volumes of depth through the layering of cut wood so shapely and fluid that they imbue her wood wall sculptures with a sense of implied space fully imposing and sensual as that of free standing sculpture.
—Ed McCormack, Editor and Critic of Gallery and Studio magazine

You can also see Bernette’s sculpture on this site.

  • SELECTED SOLO EXHIBITIONS: 1970 to present
  • Pleiades Gallery—Retrospective
  • Pleiades Gallery—”A World of Goddesses”
  • Hofstra University—Woodcuts. Long Island, NY
  • Stamford Museum—Woodcuts. Connecticut
  • Hewlett Library—Woodcuts. Long Island, NY
  • Graphika Gallery—Woodcuts. Brooklyn, NY
  • Second Street Cafe “Images of Park Slope”—Photography and Wood Wall Sculpture. Brooklyn, NY

SOLO EXHIBITIONS at Belanthi Gallery: 1980 to 2004

  • 2004 “Art Underfoot” - Sculpture in wood and photography
  • 1991 “Coney Island” - Sculpture in wood and photography
  • 1988 “Exaltation in Wood” - Large wood sculptures
  • 1985 “Cast Paper-Ancient Dwellings” - Hand made paper sculptures
  • 1984 “Cast Paper Sculpture”
  • 1982 “Iconographics” - Line drawings
  • 1981 “A Garden of Delights” - Wood wall sculptures
  • 1980 “Cast Paper Prints”
  • 1980 “Embossed Woodcuts”
  • Pleiades Gallery, Chelsea New York
  • Portland Museum of Fine Arts, Maine
  • Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Mass.
  • National Gallery of Fine Arts, New York
  • Smithsonian Institute, Washington, DC
  • Brooklyn Museum, “Women’s Works on Paper”
  • Farleigh Dickinson University, New Jersey, “Women’s Works on Paper”
  • Manhattan Community College, New York, “Women Artists 1975”
  • “Women in the Arts Gallery,” New York
  • Queens Museum, New York “Women: Hammered, Thrown and Sewn” Carbide Building, New York
  • “BWAC” (Brooklyn Working Artists Coalition) exhibited with “BWAC” from 1998 to present
  • Brooklyn Museum “Brooklyn Artists,” June 1983 (celebration of Brooklyn Bridge Centennial)
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