artisan direct ~ C. P. Seibt

C. P. Seibt’s earliest memory is of painting at the age of three. Now, at seventy-two, he continues working incessantly. He has traveled extensively, living in many different countries and and on different continents, experiencing their different cultures.

Twenty years ago, he abandoned a purely technical approach to painting. He discovered sequences in simultaneous motions. He believes that it is particularly important to have multiple impressions of the world to arrive at a holistic point of view.

In this arbitrary time he creates his own universe, inspired by the classics, mythology and his awareness of the present. His work does not fit into any of the usual classifications. It is transreal: it is the journey, not the destination, connecting different realities. It points beyond itself, to common beliefs, understandings, and knowledge. This unique perception, he refers to as “transreal” art, a deliberately ambiguous description representing both the movement (trans) from one reality to another as well as the shift that can occur within oneself. There is not merely one reality. Though his painting develops constantly, his attitude remains constant as he is contunually searching to evolve. He identifies with the Renaissance artists, in regard to his intense passion for work, and to the modern masters in view of his constant search for development.

In 1988, he founded the Nomadic Art Academy. It is a network that researtches and teaches what human beings need in order to understand and realize change. Who teaches, also learns, and vice versa: Teachlearning. Among other projects, the NAA offers two workshops: “Artist?Artist!” for professional artists, and “Mal-Lust”/”Joy of Painting” for happy beginners and dilettantes.

Praise for C. P. Seibt
the most direct: “This one has more than a pretty kind tone to the offer, the individual contact with your own life.” (California Art Channel, San Francisco) the most violent: “His work cannot be defined within the structures of the current art market and refuses stubbornly to be categorized by explanation.” (Vogue, Paris) the most charming: “After a few minutes with his paintings you arrive suddenly on the island of Prospero.” (Life/Paros) “Suddenly in the desert of the usual mediocracy and boredom of the international art scene appears his work like a breathtaking invitation to be alive” (Anti/Athens), “...he has a musically and rhythmically expressed artistic feeling for light: a quality that through the artist’s works,. suggests the idea of cosmogony itself” (Dr. Dora Iliopoulou-Rogan at “Citronne” catalogue 2006).

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