artisan direct ~ Stephen Stribling

Abstract Expressionist Paintings

The visual interest of my work is rooted in the duality of order and chaos. Using geometric form and intense color I seek to explore how the order of geometrical shape is informed, and informs the chaos of vibrant color applied in a spontaneous way.

The influences on my work range from the Russian Constructivists and the Abstract Expressionists to the work of artists like Ben Nicholson and Agnes Martin. From each, I have learned an approach to the image more than anything technical.

In trying to synthesize the geometric order of constructivism and minimalism with an expressionist method of applying paint I find a ground upon which I can create images that speak to the inherent dualities of our lives; between order and chaos, between hard and soft, between mechanical and organic.

The resulting images tend to emerge as hard-edged abstractions with a somewhat urban aesthetic. Hopefully, they speak to a wider world of which modern art is a key component.

  • Solo Exhibitions
  • 2005— “Closer To Knowing” Anderson Contemporary Art, Albuquerque, NM.
  • 2004— “A Personal Metaphysics” Gallery A, Taos, NM
  • 2002— “Learning to Crawl” Gallery A, Taos, NM
  • 1995-1999 Annually—One Man Show, Stribling Fine Art, Ruidoso, NM
  • Group Exhibitions
  • 2003—Taos Open, Taos, NM
  • 2002—Taos Open, Taos, NM
  • 2001—Taos Open, Taos, NM
  • 2000—Fraser Gallery Annual Juried Exhibition, Georgetown
  • 2000—New Artist Showcase Dean Fine Art, Washington, DC
  • 2000—Taos Open, Taos, NM
  • 1999—Chicago Artists Assc. Vision ‘99 Show
  • 1999—Arts Alive Florence, AL
  • 1999—Memphis Art League Annual Art Exhibition
  • 1999—New Mexico Multi-Cultural Foundation Exhibition Albuquerque, NM
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