Metin Topa

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I was born in Istanbul in 1950. After a college education, I worked in various Banks and Insurance Companies. In the year 1992, as I kept on my career in Insurance, I began to study art, and took courses of drawing and painting in various Turkish masters’ workshops, half time or on weekends.

I studied abstracts with Hasan Kavruk, studied human figure and composition with Mehmet Güleryüz and studied colour harmonies and composition with Temür Köran until 2002. And since 2002, I’ve focused on painting by myself in my own atelier.

My inspirations come from humans, his behaviors and his feelings. My works can be applied to the expressionism in painting which are varies between figurative or abstract expression.

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about the artist


  • Exhibitions in İstanbul
  • 1992, E.Berker Public Library Hall (solo)
  • 1999, Elhamra Art Gallery (group)
  • 2000, CRR Hall (group)
  • 2001, Bir Art Gallery (group)
  • 2002, Bir Art Gallery (group)
  • 2004, National Fine Art Gallery (solo)
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