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“For me Art is the simplest and purest form of communication. Emotions, fears, moods, ideas ... all that can be found in a work of art — if you look at it in the right way. While working, I completely surrender and open to it because the work of art asks for total submission. In my case, the creation of a new painting is a process that can take from several hours to several months. I advance it undauntedly and openly, ready for new discoveries and excitements. If I am to look at myself through tarot, my card would be 0 — the card of The Fool from The Great Arcane, the card of those who are led by their dreams, ideas and hopes no matter what others are telling, persuading, claiming...The card I am aiming at is the card No. 5, The Hierophant, which is achievable only through work and experience, through overcoming and knowing thyself. The card No. 4 is something happening from time to time, but rich is the man who believes in God and showing off with everyday possessions is good enough just to cover one’s complexes.

“Each new work emerges as a shaped part of its creator’s spirit that continues to live a life of its own. I prefer the work to speak for itself, letting others to experience and sense its message, purpose and energy. Every art-work by its earthly becoming, being and existing overcomes the boundaries of present, approaching the eternal. The work of art stands not as much as a part of the present as it represents the herald of the present in the future, giving the artist as its creator the touch of Eternal. When everything fades into silence remains what we leave behind...”

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about the artist

Born in Novi Sad, Serbia, May 21. 1976.

Showed interests in drawing, painting and photography from very early stage which are persistently developed. Attended courses, workshops and worked with other artists. Topalski hasn’t finished art academy in Serbia.

Topalski has concentrated his artistic achievement working with different mediums, being in a constant quest for further development of his painting and drawing skills.

“Art is a great challenge for me, because I’m always trying to create a new painting better than the previous one, setting certain tasks in front of me which are to be fulfilled. I like the very process of creation when you make something with the completely new value out of nothing. Each painting of mine has its story and exposes me in some way, some questions about things going on in my life, whereas for the person watching them they loom as revelations, offering every time something different.”

Topalski also works as graphic designer, web designer, web admin & developer.

From March 2006 to October 2009, he worked at regional TV station Panonija as site admin as well as newscaster & editor/journalist.

  • 2002. Launched first personal website
  • 2003. Gallery Art-Domain, Mallorca-Spain
  • 2004. L’ Aigle de Nice- Grand Prix International d’Arts Plastiques in Nice-France... Prize of Roquebrune Cap Martin for the oil on canvas “The Final Gathering”
  • 2005. Gallery Van Gogh, Novi Sad, Serbia
  • 2006. Gallery Maravic, Novi Sad, Serbia
  • 2006. Text about Topalski in newspapers “Gradjanski List”
  • 2006. Who’s Who (100 contemporary artists book by the Artdomain)
  • 2006-2010. Art works presented at numerous online galleries and spaces
  • 2010. Painted and sold more than 80 artworks (oil paintings)
  • 2011. Besides new paintings, presented complete new website as well as other website projects & developments
  • 2012. New Paintings and Websites

why am i painting?

Because I like and love it. It gives me freedom, when I paint I’m in my own world and I have a freedom to paint what I like and what I want in that particular moment. That is the main reason why I have a lot of experiments. You can be artistically shocking in many ways, and we were witnesses of that through history. I prefer more to produce art that will emerge your feelings, your thoughts, artwork to which you will come again and again and again. I call that particular and special type of art OPVS EVOLVZIONE and these artworks are something individually unique and personal!

In my case, when I plan a new painting, sometimes inspiration is some photo, sometimes it’s the work of some other artist (because of theme or technique); I also have these special moments when I practically see finished painting that I have never seen before. Sometimes I dream it and sometimes it’s that moment between dream and reality! After that I make a drawing, but the most difficult thing is to paint that painting as I “saw it”. Sometimes during the process of painting something new emerges up, something I haven’t expected, like faces that you see in one moment and faces that you’ve never seen before exploding out of your work!

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