Riley Vaughn

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The focus of my latest collection started out two years ago while learning art therapy for children suffering from various mood and learning disorders after two of my four boys were diagnosed with AD/HD complex. The process began by working with certain pieces upside down and observing how our minds look at negative and positive space differently. Being diagnosed with AD/HD as well, I create art as a coping mechanism that I share with my own children. I enjoy painting with them because it inspires a part of my own imagination that is free from divisive politics, conforming social themes, and negative paradigms.

I prefer to use a limited palette in each piece which is inspired by great masters such as Vincent Van Gogh and Pablo Picasso. Bold, heavy lines, stimulating contrasts, and thick paint textures are the mainstay and part of my therapeutic process. Working strictly with a palette knife and oils straight from the tube, I prefer unblended colors and I work without fillers, retardants, or paint thinners. This technique is called impasto, were the paint goes of thick, giving the surface a three dimensional look. I use directional strokes to highlight movement and flow, and to engage the viewer through layers and focal points.

As a huge fan of simplicity, I enjoy creating art that does not need to be explained. Nothing pensive, nor too serious, and always reflects the nuances of nature and family. This whimsical collection is something that I designed to hang on walls as accent or stand-alone statement.

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