Luke Voytas

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I have always found my greatest inspiration in the natural world. It is here that we may find beauty and truth in its most pure and accessible form. My work is a reflection of the wonder which we may all find manifested in the gifts which life and nature presents to us daily. It is made with joy, and it’s my hope that it may bring joy to those who see it.

An individual’s creation gives us a glimpse of that individual’s soul. Creation is the expression of that which only exists within the spirit of one and it is through creation that we can see most clearly who we truly are. My work is an examination of self. A journey to discover my place and through sharing my work, I hope to inspire others to live in a way that is true to themselves and unique to our collective experience of life.

I have always had an enthusiasm for building and creating something new. As a child, my favorite toys were a hammer and a teddy bear, which both aided my misguided tinkering around the house. When I was older I developed an interest in art, sculpture and woodworking and after receiving a BFA from Alfred University, took a job there running the Sculpture department’s foundry while also continuing my woodworking pursuits with Hyland Timber Framing.

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