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My sculptural output over the last forty-five years has included wall-sculpture, clear acrylic sculptures, mass-cast poly-resin sculptures up to 11 feet tall, monumental sculptures up to 20 feet tall, neon sculpture, organic based sculpture and currently solar sculptures which have the capability of putting energy back into the grid.

My outdoor sculptures of the last twenty years are, essentially, three-dimensional line drawings in space that create a sculptural calligraphy to which a viewer may relate as either drawing or sculpture. The visual interplay between the second and third dimensions has been a primary and ongoing interest in my sculpture exploration over the last 50 years. They have been exhibited and installed in national and international venues since 1992.

Over the last five years I have been working on a series of sculptures that represent a return to figuration’ including “Run Son Run”, “Epiphanic Recurve Redux”, “Miseria Crucis” and “Agonia en Hartu”. While these sculptures remain intrinsically abstract, they reference the human form and attitude. By giving these sculptures’ titles that reference the human icons of our culture, I am also able to allude to deeply emotional events to which we all have cultural access and which can, in turn, generate a felt empathy within us.

Over the last year I have developed a series of biologically inspired pieces based on the shapes of predators (parasites, viruses and bacteria) and their cellular targets (dendrites, nerve endings, sinews, etc). By enlarging these shapes to table-top and larger, the negative associations are removed and the viewer can see structures and combinations of shapes only imagined under a microscope.

As these pieces get larger, I will be able to integrate an aura of LED lighting at the edges to give them a surreal look at night. This brings me full-circle to viewing these as three dimensional sculptures by day and as two-dimensional drawings at night.

Finally, I am designing outdoor sculptures into which are integrated solar panels and will sustain their own light source and more. Besides creating an ethereal light within the sculpture, enough energy will be produced to flow it back into the grid, thereby serving both esthetic and sustainability goals.

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  • Public Commissions
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  • Milwaukee Riverwalk Milwaukee, WI, 1998
  • Exhibitions & Installations
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  • Cardinal Stritch University, (sculpture installation) Milwaukee WI, Lease, 2009
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