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”This is my reality.”

Hi, my name is Devin Westland, I’m 24 years old, from Cape Cod, Massachusetts. I am self taught, and never had a lesson. From the day I can remember, I have always had a knack for drawing, whether cartooning different characters from television shows, or drawing made up scenes from my head. At the age of fourteen, I created an oil-pastel self-portrait of myself. My teacher sent it into the Boston Scholastic Arts in Boston and I won a gold key award, top 50 best artists in the state.

Shortly after, I began having a lot of mental anguish. My parents didn’t have a clear understanding of why I was acting out, and having severe mood swings. So they took me to a psychiatrist, I was then diagnosed with several different disorders, including Synesthesia. The form of Synesthesia I suffer from is a very rare type. Around nineteen, I began painting my first works. At the time though, I would only paint a couple every so often. After some months went by, my Synesthesia became really intense, I would have nights where it was so bad I would have to keep my eyes open just to not go insane, because the thoughts I’d seen were so powerful it was almost as if I was inside them. I would hallucinate, thinking I was in my own mouth, or ten heads were around me all talking at once. Often I would see things and taste them. For example, sometimes when I see metal fences I can taste the metal, and feel it going down my throat. Different voices have different made up tastes.

Now that I’m a little older, I have learned to deal with these problems a little better, and art truly is a therapy for my brain. It helps release these thoughts onto the canvas, and clears my mind of all the insanity. Right now I have 7 generations of art, and I have only reached D3 at the moment. These generations represent the advancing of my works, from my oldest works “D1” to the later future “D7”. As I advance in my painting skills, I will reach a new generation. My mind is so far ahead of my hand, and what it can paint now, it’s truly going to take some work to reach it. For now I only have 7 generations, it may very well change in the future, and go further and further. Thanks for reading a brief story of me, and how I think, and taking a step into My Reality.

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