Regional and Area Artist Representatives

We are looking for people who are knowledgeable with art, loves the business of art and would like to make a significant amount of money to stay in a business that is alluring and has cachet. Our goal is have Reps in every major Metro area in the United States. We want full coverage! Regional And Area Artist Representatives — Artisan Direct Ltd. is interviewing for motivated, energetic, and enthusiastic individuals to represent Artists, Galleries and Art Shows.

The general description of these positions includes:

  • Sales of Artisan Direct artist’s work
  • Soliciting individual artists
  • Soliciting Galleries to include Artisan Direct artists and their collections
  • Soliciting Galleries to include their artists in the Artisan Direct Ltd. membership
  • Soliciting artists for regional and national art shows
  • Coordinating Artisan Direct Ltd’s participation in regional and area art shows
  • Identifying regional and area trends in art sales to corporations and other art resources
  • Providing contacts to data base management

Artisan Direct Ltd. is an equal opportunity employer, encouraging individuals with a wide range of cultural, educational and life experiences to apply.

Training and support are a keystone to the Artisan Direct Ltd. Representative Network.


Artisan Direct, Ltd. 82 Callingham Road, Pittsford, NY 14534. Telephone 585-586-3535, Fax 585-586-8555, e-mail: info at artisan direct L T D dot net