web and e-mail marketing

Artisan Direct connects you to thousands of galleries across the United States and beyond with its co-ordinated web and e-mail program.

Your work is promoted to a list of art galleries selected by our director as those best suited to it. An e-mail marketing piece, featuring images of your work, a brief bio and exhibition list, is sent to this growing list of galleries several times a year. The e-mail can be clicked through to take an interested part to that artist’s Artisan Direct web page. This page features an interactive, clickable image gallery, with a longer bio and exhibition list.

Show me a sample e-mail marketing piece.

Show me an artist’s Artisan Direct web page.

When you enroll in our representation program, you’ll be asked to supply 13 or more images of your work, along with the work’s titles and other vital information, and your artist’s bio and/or statement, and an exhibition list.

From these materials, we will generate your e-mail marketing pieces and your interactive web page. There are currently four templates for your e-mail from which to choose.

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